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Available for 20 more days- Hebatullah’s Campaign #bonfire #tshirts

Times are tough. I’ve been unemployed for 2 years. I’ve been paying my dues and taking temp jobs here and there, and I’m alright with dressing up as unemployment for Halloween. What I’m trying to avoid is having to dress up as homeless for Thanksgiving. I’m not going to beg y’all to help me pay my rent. But we can get two birds with one stone… You buy a super-cool, limited edition shirt and I get a roof over my head for the holidays.

How’s that sound?

Peace and Pistachios,



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Get In Loser! We’re Going Shopping!

I Shop, You Shop, We All Shop For…Gumdrops?!?!

If only our material needs were so simple.

Which store would you choose to max out your credit card?

Well, credit cards are evil, but that’s probably a story for another day. Hypothetically, If I could only shop at one place for all my needs, I have to say Amazon. Hands down. I’m pretty confident that you can get just about anything on Amazon.

If you are feeling kind and generous, perhaps you can help my unemployed self and surprise me with a gift? I LOVE GIFTS!

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@Potus Open Letter to NJ FamilyCare

Dear NJ FamilyCare,

I am filing a dispute on behalf of my mother. We recently became aware that her health plan has been terminated without notice. My mother has had medicare for more than a year and out of nowhere you terminated her plan. When my mother called you to find out why her plan was terminated, a very rude customer service agent named Nazir spoke to her bringing her to tears. When I took over the phone call, Nazir was condescending and rude to me as well. I asked him why her plan was terminated without notice, he said that notice was given to 6066 Street. We have never lived at 6066 Street, that address doesn’t even exist. We have every piece of paperwork that we have submitted to you, with our correct address. When I asked Nazir why it was sent to the wrong address he said it was the only address they had on file. I asked him if you really did send this mysterious letter of termination and it was sent to an incorrect answer, then why didn’t you send it again to the right address. Surely you can look up our information and find the correct address. Nazir said that it was not noted that anything had been returned and that you supposedly have no record of our address? How does that even make sense? That’s right. It doesn’t. So then I asked Nazir why my mother had health insurance coverage last year and not this year and he said it was because she made too much money and that the cut off was $1305 monthly income a person. I told him that my mother makes $1500 from alimony payments that is supposed to cover 2 family members, meaning my mother should have never had her plan terminated. EVER! And especially without warning. Nazir was very rude and I kept having to ask him the same questions over and over again and he wouldn’t respond with relevant responses. He became impatient with me and told me that I just had to pay out of pocket expenses for my mother and it wasn’t his problem. My mother is very sick and is very dependent on her doctor’s appointments and medications. She is not employed and starting January her alimony payments become $800 a month! That’s supposed to food, clothe and board 2 people! In what world do you think an unemployed person supporting two people on $800, let alone $1500, can afford to pay for health insurance. We don’t even know how we’re going to pay rent. When I tried and asked Nazir to speak to a supervisor, he told me “You can’t.” Excuse me, this man looked at my mother’s file for a total of two seconds, misinterpreted all the information, gave no real answers, spoke to me as though I’m an invalid, made my mother cry and I’m not allowed to speak to a supervisor? Are you kidding me? I asked him again why my mother had insurance last year and now all of the sudden now doesn’t, he said that our health insurance came from the MarketPlace and that our problem was the MarketPlace was providing her with her medicare health plan, but now NJ HealthCare has deemed her unfit. So I called the Market Place and they laughed, because they say they have no power to do that and our issue is with NJ FamilyCare. Before I ended my called with Nazir I asked him what we should do and he told me that my mother should reapply through the MarketPlace and then they’ll get to her application on a first come first serve basis, pay no mind that you wrongfully terminated her policy with no warning or time to prepare herself. My mother has become very ill since not being able to afford her medication and even if she could get a job now, she couldn’t take it because I  have to care of her now, but I’m not a doctor, nurse or a miracle worker. She needs her medication. She needs her doctors and I’m very worried she could die because of your horrible and disgusting customer service. If she has to be hospitalised because of your malfeasance, then I am holding you accountable. 


#LoveMe Challenge: Day 1

Day 1


Truth is I don’t know what else to do with my time. Unemployment has taken over my life and left me bored, hopeless, depressed, feeling like a loser and all other sorts of feelings. So it could be a distraction, but on the positive end of it all, maybe it will give me some sort of self-esteem boost which will lead to an amazing opportunity? Let’s try to focus on positivity.


After more than a year of unemployment, I received a rejection letter that broke this camel’s back. I have applied for every job under this sun. Or so it seems. My Linkedin total of jobs applied to has reached 6,000+ ages ago. That doesn’t take into consideration all the other jobs I’ve applied to using tens of other sites.

I’m drawn to humanitarian positions that deal with Palestinians, as I am Palestinian and feel very passionate about Palestine. Palestine is my mother, my sister, my child. Palestine is my everything and the reason I live and breathe. I’ve tried to put into words many times what it is Palestine means to me, but it never seems enough. As a writer it’s frustrating. As a Palestinian, I feel it in my bones, my veins, my lungs, my life, my every molecule. Palestine made me the woman I am. Again, Palestine is my everything.

And as my everything, you can imagine how upsetting it is when I get rejected time and time again from these organisations. I’m not bitter, I accept that I wasn’t right for the position and I move on. But every so often I get an email from an organisation saying that the reason I didn’t get the position was because I’m not Palestinian, and they gave the position to a Palestinian person. What’s infuriating is that these emails come from a white member of staff. You would think, someone who works with Palestinians and supposedly works for the cause of Palestine would recognise the struggle we face.

It’s been well documented that politicians such as Golda Meir and many Zionists alike ignore the existence of Palestinians. They ignore that we exist, they ignore our right to live, they ignore our right of return, our ownership of land, our human rights, our every movement and our every basic dignity in this life.

Being from Haifa, we get labeled many things: Arabs, Israeli-Arabs, Arab-Israelis, 1948 Arabs, Inside Arabs, and so on. “They,” the Zionists, the politicians, the Arab regimes, Europe, America, the media, the whoever you want to consider in this umbrella “they”— They’re the ones who label us. But only we can label ourselves and only I can label myself.

So why is it that I get these emails from these white humanitarian workers who feel it ever necessary to tell me I don’t meet their definition of Palestinian. No, I don’t want to work for an organisation that has such a narrow, colonised and Zionist definition of Palestinian.  I reject your rejection and assert my right to be addressed as a Palestinian. And more importantly, I reject your false participation in our movement.

Enough is enough. You either decolonize that self-righteous, fake “I want to do good” attitude and false sense of so-called humanitarianism, or you leave. This movement has enough struggle as is and we want participants who truly believe in the Palestinian right to exist, on our own terms, not by the ones you set up for us.

You cannot dictate who I am and who we are. You cannot colonize our identity. I don’t allow it. 

I am Palestinian and Palestinian I am.