Year of Firsts: Lazy

Hello Friends. I  haven’t forgotten about you and I hope you haven’t forgotten about me. This is a long post and mostly because I have been lazy. Shame on me. Here it goes…

July 18thimg_5098

5/5 Stars. Would drink again.

July 19thimg_51551img_51531 Found these gems. I’m not sure if I would buy it again, but it was delightful. I’d certainly recommend you giving it a try if you find them in stores.

July 20thimg_51611img_51601.jpg

I love mochi and admittedly picked these up bc they’re cute, but I have to say I was a little disappointed. They weren’t very pink and the strawberry flavour was lacking.

July 21stimg_5138

First time taking a Snapchat selfie.

July 22ndimg_5120

Went into Wawa for an iced coffee and this is the first time I have been left confused by a coffee machine. How does this thing work? There were no buttons or tabs or anything. There were nozzles for the coffee to come out but no way of getting the coffee out. Help!

July 23rdimg_51031

First time trying watermelon flavoured frozen yoghurt. It had a very Italian ices texture to it. Totally worth it.

July 24thimg_5137

Didn’t even know lavender melon was an option.

July 25thimg_5099

I’m not too sure how to feel about these. The first few taste kind of funny. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but then my tastebuds got used to it.

July 26thimg_5094

It’s the season for watermelon flavoured everything and I’m not complaining.

July 27thimg_5089.jpg

Who knew you could buy banana bread without walnuts? I like it more with walnuts but this was still pretty tasty.

July 28thimg_5079

I love kombucha and love this new green flavour I found at Trader Joe’s.

July 29thimg_5072img_5074

This was a massive disappointment. I followed the directions exactly. The cookie part didn’t spread out so well. The brownie part was super thin. The flavour was lacking. It didn’t taste good and it smelled weird while baking. Strong pass.

July 30thimg_5066

I didn’t realize how much I loved peanut butter filled pretzels until now.

July 31stimg_5053img_5054

I know that juices and smoothies are packed with sugar and while this is nice to have as a treat, this sugar content is insane!

August 1stimg_5037

This is one of those things that end up in your house but no one is quite sure how it got there. Not my cup of tea, let’s say.

August 2ndimg_5039

Eurotart is officially my favourite frozen yoghurt flavour ever.

August 3rdimg_4972

This is the first time that I’ve been in a public restroom that has an enforced time limit. The world is crazy.

August 4thimg_4979

This is the first time I’ve knowingly committed a fashion crime. Socks and sandals! I know, I know, it goes against everything I believe in. I have an excuse, but it’s not a good one. I was on a train and their compression socks and it was a long ride and my toes were cold and… I’m sorry.

August 5thf17b6945-fce2-4922-8a54-bf3cad52ca0f

I’ve officially watched all the Leprechaun films. They’re quite special.

August 6thimg_5010

This is the first time I’ve gotten words of encouragement from money. Thanks, I think.

August 7thimg_4987

Whole Foods really missed the mark on this. First, the burrito was mostly rice and second, whoever cooked this batch of rice has clearly never made rice before. The rice was not cooked and was rock solid.

August 8thimg_4988

First time having Easter chocolate this late in the year. It’s still ok, right?

August 9thimg_5157

First time visiting the Bridgewater Mall. They have this Lolli & Pops store. It’s candy heaven.

August 10thimg_5174


This is the first time tracking my cell phone screen time. Interesting findings.


Well, that’s all for now. Until next time…

Peace and Pistachios,


Year of Firsts: Meatless Post Clean

So it seems this every couple of days thing is becoming more common. I was too tired last night to catch y’all up on my Firsts.

I wasn’t sure what my First was going to be on Saturday, I hadn’t set anything up ahead of time, so I thought I’d try to wash my makeup brushes with a conditioning mask. I also received this brush cleaner and it was my first time using that.

Look at how much gunk gets stuck in my brushes. It makes me sad to think I put that nastiness on my face. I suppose I should wash my brushes more often. I wanted to see if conditioning them would make them feel nicer because I usually use a soap or shampoo to clean my brushes. Conditioning was a good thing.


Then I lit a Skittles candle for the first time. I wanted the smell to be a lot stronger than it was. But it was a nice subtle scent of strawberries. Soothing… I’m all about the soothing vibes.

Later that day, I accompanied my mom on a drive and she mentioned that she wanted to stop at the post office. I had never been to that post office before. It was a First. It was big. I like big post offices. They’re so roomy and exciting. Mail is exciting. It’s so full of possibilities.

While paying for the letter to be sent, the post woman told me to click on the screen to agree that I didn’t include any type of explosives or whatever. But I couldn’t see the screen because of the glare, so I had to get on my tiptoes just to see it. The post woman giggled and said she wasn’t going to laugh at me because there are a lot of older people who come in and can’t see the screen because they’re shorter. And I said, “Yeah, but that’s what makes them so cute.” She laughed. Admit it, short old people are the cutest.


Saturday was a busy day of Firsts, I closed out the day by a Carvel stop. Although it was not my first time at a Carvel or my first time ordering a vanilla soft-serve with chocolate sprinkles, it was nice because this was my go-to order as a kid and I haven’t had it in ages. It makes me happy. It’s the simple things.


On to Sunday’s First. I had read a lot about these Beyond Burgers and have been quite curious. I heard they taste like meat and are the meatiest tasting plant-based burgers around. I wanted to know how true that was and have looked for them for a while, but can’t seem to find them anywhere.  Anyways, I found them! Beware, even though they are plant-based, there is beef juice extract in it. Apparently, it’s used for the colouring. I could have done without the colouring though.

The directions say to cook them for three minutes on each side and that the insides will remain red. They won’t get brown like that of a beef burger. So I knew they would be red, but I was surprised at how red it was. It looked like a raw beef burger.

The texture was insanely similar to that of a beef burger. Not exactly the same, but a heck of a lot closer than that of other veggie burgers. It was very bizarre in a good way. The taste was smokey, like that of burger, but you can still tell it’s a veggie based burger. The top ingredient was Pea isolate, so I am curious about how they made it taste meaty.

It was an interesting and tasty experience. I don’t know if I’d ever crave this burger specifically, but I certainly wouldn’t turn it down if someone offered me one.

Until tomorrow…

Peace and Pistachios,




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