Saying Yes To This Dress #ootd #fashionpost

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Leaking Ativan Into The Water #Snowzilla

Every year we get a blizzard, storm or hurricane warning. And every year people act as though it is the first storm they have encountered. Now for some it is the first storm they have encountered and for others, it’s not the first but no storm is alike.

As someone who has worked at a weather forecasting agency before, I know firsthand that a lot of weather headlines are pure sensationalist clickbait. But the truth is, meteorologist are some of the only people  that can be wrong at their jobs all the time and still have a job the next day. As much as we learn about weather patterns, we are only human and weather can often be unpredictable.

Now, whether this blizzard is as expected to be a potentially deadly and dangerous storm or whether the storm changes patterns and settles down, it’s important to always be prepared. It’s important to stay stocked for emergencies with items such as: non-perishable food items, water, first aid kits, blankets, radio, lanterns, candles, batteries, etc.

What I can’t seem to  understand though is that every year people freak out. Obviously you should go out and buy supplies, but why do people have to act like such maniacs. People driving on the roads like mad race car drivers. You see people at supermarkets and home supply stores pushing and pulling, yelling, arguing– you’d think it was the Hunger Games out there. How does pushing someone over for the last loaf of bread really benefit anyone? Sure you got that loaf, but you injured another living, human being for that.

Where has our sense of humanity gone? Pushing another person over won’t make the skies snow any less? You running that red light might get you to a market 20 seconds earlier, but you could kill someone by being so irresponsible and stupid.

Be careful out there, y’all. Not just from the weather but from other people.

Therefore, I am proposing we leak some Ativan into the water during this storm so we can all chill the flip out!