Year of Firsts: Tasteless

Yesterday’s first has me stunned. It wasn’t even an intentional first. I made a quick stop at Wegmans and picked up these spinach knish puffs from the ready-made section.


They looked nice so I thought I’d give it a go. Wegmans typically has really good food, so I had no reason to think this product would be otherwise.


All that was required of me was to heat them in the oven to the desired temperature and eat. I did just that and when I came time to eat, I was all hyped for it since it looks so appetizing.


I took a bite of one and never in my life have I ever tasted anything like it. Literally, never!



It tasted like nothing. NOTHING! I can’t even explain it properly because it was so bizarre. I have never in my life tasted anything that tastes like nothing. These puffs were like texturized air.


It stuns me because everything tastes like something, or so I thought until yesterday. It wasn’t even like the expression, “It tastes like cardboard,” because even cardboard tastes like something.


It was so bizarre. No taste of salt or savoury or sweet or veg or anything. It left me so baffled that I made my mother try one and like me, she couldn’t even finish one of these things. I don’t get it. I am so befuddled out of my mind. I actually had an hour-long conversation with my mother about these darn things.


How does something taste like nothing? I don’t get it. And it’s not like I’m losing my sense of taste or smell because everything else tastes normal, except for these bizarre food items. If I had the money, I’d send it to a lab and have it analyzed because I really don’t get it and this mystery will sit with me for the rest of my entire life.



Until tomorrow…

Peace and Pistachios,




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