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Refugees ARE NOT terrorists

The Paris attacks have sparked a massive wave of anti-Muslim bigotry.

We need to speak out against this racist, xenophobic backlash. Now.

At least 29 Republican governors—and even one Democrat—say they want to close their states to Syrian refugees.1 Indiana’s governor has already turned a family away.2 Presidential candidates are talking about shutting down mosques and discriminating against refugees on the basis of religion.3,4 A state senator in Tennessee is proposing rounding up all Syrian refugees in the state.5

And now Republicans in Congress are threatening to cut off funding for refugee assistance while 4 million Syrian refugees are begging for help.6

This is immoral. And stupid. Because shutting out refugees doesn’t make America safer—just the opposite: it fuels hatred at home, and resentment and extremism around the world. Will you chip in $3 to help fight back?

Click here to chip in and help fight the GOP’s racist, anti-refugee backlash.

The first thing we need to do is hold governors accountable for attacking refugees. We’ve launched rapid-response campaigns in all 30 states, calling their governors out for this xenophobic pandering. More than 115,000 MoveOn members have already joined the call to stop attacking refugee families.

Second, we need to block Republicans in Congress from defunding refugee resettlement. This is the most cynical, immoral act you could imagine in response to a refugee crisis of this scale, and we’re flooding Capitol Hill with phone calls and petition signatures to stop it.

Finally, we need to show the world that the hate mongers and racists don’t speak for us. So we’re teaming up with allies on college campuses and mobilizing MoveOn members on social media to show the world that we are a welcoming nation—and to push back against anti-refugee and anti-Muslim vitriol.

But this xenophobic anti-refugee backlash has intensified fast, which is why we need to raise at least $150,000 to enable all this work. Will you chip in $3?

Yes, I’ll chip in to stand with refugees and against anti-Muslim bigotry.

This is an incredibly dangerous moment for America. If we don’t push back against this outpouring of hate, it could spiral out of control into a wave of hate crimes like what we saw after 9/11—or get us stuck in another foolish war.

Republicans are telling people to be afraid of refugees. But over the past 40 years, America has taken in 2.5 million refugees.7 Not one terrorist attack has been committed in America by a refugee.8 Even the reports that the Paris attackers included a Syrian refugee are likely false.9

The truth is, attacking refugees makes America LESS safe by feeding extremist propaganda as a massively chaotic situation spills from Syria into Europe.

But the American people are scared. And they’re being misled by shameless politicians pandering to hate. That’s why we need to fight back now, before this gets out of control.

Will you chip in $3 to help stand against the anti-refugee backlash?

Click here to chip in and join the fight.

Thanks for all you do.

–Anna, Brian, Corinne, Milan, and the rest of the team

UMAA Condemns Worldwide Terror Attacks & Message from Dr. Nakshawani



The Universal Muslim Association of America

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In the Name of God the Most High



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UMAA Condemns Worldwide Terror Attacks


(WASHINGTON DC –- November 16, 2015) UMAA condemns the attacks against innocent civilians in Paris, France; Beirut, Lebanon; Baghdad, Iraq; and Ghazni, Afghanistan. 


The Universal Muslim Association of America wishes to convey our deepest condolences to the victims and the families of the victims affected by all these tragedies.  No one should have to fear walking the streets of their neighborhoods, attending the funeral of their kinfolk or practicing their religion.  In the strongest way possible, we condemn all these acts of terror and we stand united against those who wish to sow fear and hatred amongst humanity.  We recognize that their goals are not just to terrorize but to divide people; to turn friend against friend and neighbor against neighbor.  

We call upon the global community to not just denounce and condemn these acts but stand vigilant against their ultimate goal – to divide the world through fear and hatred.  

We pray that the victims of these atrocities find peace and that the scourge of the Daesh terrorists realize that the human capacity of love will always be greater than their methodology of hate. 

Click below to read the words of UMAA Special Representative Dr. Sayed Nakshawani:



To see the rest of the message, click here.



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Copyright © 2015 Universal Muslim Association of America, All rights reserved.

You are receiving this official correspondence from the office of the Universal Muslim Association of America.

Our mailing address is:

Universal Muslim Association of America

P.O. Box 313

Burtonsville, MD 20866

Some Thoughts

The terrorist attacks in Paris are really sick and sad. My heart goes out to all those families and friends who are waiting to hear from their loved ones and especially those who won’t hear from their loved ones. May they rest in eternal peace.

I do need to address why we get more worked up about white people or people in “The West” dying than people of color, all over the rest of the world, dying.

Look at all the madness and uproar on Twitter and Tumblr  for Paris (And rightfully so) and take for instance the past few weeks in the Middle East, particularly the last 24-48 hours, have been hell. Multiple terrorist attacks in Lebanon and Iraq, I believe all claimed by ISIS. And very little in comparison was and has been mentioned about Lebanon and Iraq.

I believe the Paris attacks are also being claimed by ISIS, or at least that is what I have heard as of now. And in light of the Paris attacks all these racist Islamophobes come out and rant their ignorant mouths.  You know ISIS and other terrorists have killed thousands of Muslims in the past few years? And that the attacks in Lebanon and Iraq targeted both Muslims and non-Muslim Middle Easterners alike? Additionally, Paris has a high Muslim and Arab population. Who is to know how many Muslims and Arabs were injured or murdered in the Paris attacks.

What I’m trying to say is there’s no reason for the Islamophobia, because we’re all on the same side here. We’re all under threat by ISIS and other terrorists. We’re all against terrorism and violence. Who these psycho extremists are is beyond me, but they’re not the large majority of Arabs and Muslims. And the Arab and Muslim community continually condemns the violence and yet we are still bombarded with hate.

My fear is that the innocent refugees fleeing the violent terroristic regime of Bashar al-Assad, ISIS, the Taliban, Al Qaeda, etc., will pay the price for the horrible and violent few who threaten us all. I fear reprisal attacks and an unending cycle of violence.

There are too many uneducated people full of hate in this world. And all I want is to keep everyone safe and wrapped in a warm and loving blanket of puppies and kittens.

CAIR Condemns Paris Terror Attacks

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      CAIR Condemns Paris Terror Attacks

      (WASHINGTON, D.C., 11/13/15) – The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, today condemned terror attacks in Paris that left many people dead and injured.
      In a statement, CAIR said:
      “These savage and despicable attacks on civilians, whether they occur in Paris, Beirut or any other city, are outrageous and without justification. We condemn these horrific crimes in the strongest terms possible. Our thoughts and prayers are with the loved ones of those killed and injured and with all of France. The perpetrators of these heinous attacks must be apprehended and brought to justice.”
      CAIR has consistently and repeatedly condemned all acts of terrorism wherever they have occurred.
      SEE: CAIR’s Condemnation of Terrorism
      CAIR is America’s largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization. Its mission is to enhance the understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding.
    • – END –

      CONTACT: CAIR National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper, 202-744-7726,; CAIR Communications Coordinator Nabeelah Naeem, 202-341-4171,




Council on American-Islamic Relations

453 New Jersey Ave, S.E., Washington, D.C., 20003

Council on American-Islamic Relations Copyright © 1994. All rights reserved.

Send your voice to Paris

In just a few weeks, leaders from around the world will come together in Paris for the most important climate negotiations of our generation. This process — along with the new global goals — can put us on the path to a sustainable future, making it possible to achieve a world free of extreme poverty, with opportunity for everyone.

We’ve never been closer to taking bold international action on climate change. Countries around the world are committing to climate action because it’s in their best interest and results are within reach. But the UN climate talks in Paris will bring together more than just governments — businesses, NGOs, experts, activists, innovators, and people of all backgrounds will also be there to join the conversation about how every person and every sector will contribute.

Ready to tackle climate change? Watch and share this short video for a primer on Paris:

It’ll take all of us to move the fight against climate change from words to action. Not everyone can be in Paris for these historic meetings, but we can all make a difference. Start by adding your voice to the call for climate action by using hashtag #EarthToParis to power this important moment for change.

The world’s attention is what will fuel a strong agreement. Thanks for helping put Paris in the spotlight!

Kathy Calvin

President & CEO

United Nations Foundation

Exxon: Polluting, lying, setting climate policy


Kick Corporate Polluters Out of Climate Policy Talks


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This month, world leaders will meet at a critical summit in Paris to decide how to curb climate change and save our planet from increasingly severe environmental impacts. But the world’s top polluters – who have a long history of derailing solutions to climate change – are going to have a seat at the negotiating table.

Sign the Care2 petition to make sure the first order of business in Paris is to clear the room and kick polluters out of climate policy.

Yesterday, the President showed impressive climate leadership and vetoed the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline. The day before that, the New York Attorney General announced his office would be investigating ExxonMobil over the charges that it lied to the public about the role of the oil industry in causing global warming, despite the fact that the company’s own researchers have warned the company for over 40 years about the realities of human-caused climate change.

This is a huge week for those of us concerned about corporate responsibility and climate change – but we have so much more work to do to secure a sustainable future. The Paris negotiations MUST play a critical role to avert a climate crisis.

Recent research shows that even when polluters publicly admit the reality of climate change and say they support action, behind the scenes and through their trade associations they do everything they can to kill initiatives to limit the greenhouse gases that are threatening our future on this planet.

So why do we let them sit at the table when we negotiate global agreements to try to save the planet from climate chaos?

Sign the Care2 petition to the leaders of the upcoming U.N. climate talks in Paris urging them to kick the polluters out, and limit their ability to continue to jeopardize our future.

If the world can’t agree to aggressive action and move our energy economy quickly away from dirty and dangerous oil, coal and natural gas, communities across the globe will be hit with worse droughts, forest fires, floods, hurricanes and a seemingly-unending list of environmental challenges.

Avoiding these worst case impacts is far more important than protecting a business model. But if the polluters are in the room, they’ll continue to block progress.

The talks in Paris are beginning soon – Nov. 30th, so sign the Care2 petition today and urge leaders in Paris to kick the polluters out to save our climate and our communities.

Thanks for taking action!


Aaron V.

The Care2 Petitions Team


President Obama rejects Keystone XL pipeline




This morning, President Obama announced that he is officially rejecting the Keystone XL pipeline proposal.

Click here to share the victory image below with your friends on Facebook to celebrate the good news:

This is an historic moment. I’m actually in shock. Hundreds of thousands of us have been fighting against this pipeline for years. We’ve argued with family members, signed letters to our representatives, joined protests, and been arrested. And it worked.

Victory doesn’t happen every time we raise our voices. But more often than not, it only happens if we do. When the Keystone pipeline was introduced seven years ago, many people thought it was inevitable that the pipeline would be approved even though experts revealed it would be an environmental disaster and create only about 35 permanent jobs.

We could have kept quiet, shaking our heads and saying “Well, what can you do?”

But we didn’t. We refused to let this go. We were tenacious, we worked together, we flooded the streets. We collected more than 606,000 signatures on Care2 petitions against the pipeline. The Tar Sands Action sit-in at the White House was the largest civil disobedience action in the United States since 1977.

And we aren’t done. There are still huge fights ahead. We need to stop the expansion of offshore drilling, to take bold action at the Paris climate talks next month, and above all we need accountability from our decision-makers.

But we can do it. We are a massive movement of people across the country and around the world, and we will defend our environment. We will not be ignored.

President Obama just confirmed it. Let’s celebrate it.

Click here to share the victory image on Facebook. People are inspired by the stories their friends tell, so don’t be shy: consider adding a personal note to your post about how you contributed to the fight against Keystone, what you’re hoping for next, or what your reaction is to this huge moment.

Thank you for everything you’ve done and will do to keep this movement strong,



The Care2 Petitions Team