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What kind of car do you drive?

What kind of car do you drive?

At the moment, I’m not doing much driving. My back troubles have really put a damper on that. Also, I can’t afford car insurance at the moment either. Not to mention I sold my car, Duvey, in 2013. Yes, his name is Duvey. Like short for ضفدع. Ya know, because he looked like a frog.

Duvey was a silver 2009 Honda Fit. He definitely had his own personality. He definitely was a timid teen with acne issues. He wasn’t spotty or anything, but I had Duvey for four years, he really could have used more frequent showering. But oh well. He was wonderful. My bff. It was sad selling him, but I got a good deal and I was moving overseas. It seemed silly to have Duvey waiting for me when I didn’t know when I was coming back.

Before that I drove an old, used teal Ford. Can’t remember the model, but it had the weirdest gas pedal. I named him Fernando. And the first car I drove was a black Mercury Sable. She was temperamental and mean– her name was Millicent. She was horrible. In fact the first week I had my license, the windows fogged up so badly that I couldn’t see at all. I tried everything and I couldn’t get the windows to clear up. As a new driver, it was really bad and really panic inducing.  Of course no one believed me, they all thought I was doing something wrong to cause Millicent to act that way, but I didn’t back down and Millicent showed her true colors. After getting that problem fixed, which cost a pretty penny, Millicent just threw one fit after another.

She’s probably in a better place now though, RIP Milli


Transnational Hebrew- Language Limbo

David Crystal’s three stages of endangered languages, while broad is also constraining. The first stage is the imposed language stage in which, for top down or bottom up reasons, a group becomes pressured into using the new dominant language. [1] While in stage two, argued as the best chance for progress and language preservation to be made, an emerging bilingualism takes place. [2] The new language is used efficiently, while the old language is used competently [3]— ideally coexisting and complementing each other without confrontation.[4] The third stage consists of a newer generation identifying with the new language and the emergence of family dialects.[5]

This, however, fails to mention or go into greater detail that in the same way a dominated language can be influenced by a dominant language; a dominated language can influence a dominant language. In the case of Israel, Hebrew and Arabic are both considered their official languages, conversely, Arabic is arguably a victim of “language murder” [6][7] as some employers ban Arabic from being used by their staff,[8] a college has banned the use of Arabic[9] and the use of Arabic in public can lead to accosting by the police or receiving other forms of verbal and physical violence, as well. [10]This being a rather top down occurrence with bottom up qualities,[11] as Palestinian youth in Israel do use Hebrew to “show off”[12], but Modern Israeli Hebrew exhibits more of a bottom up system as certain Arabic phraseology and terms become increasingly adopted into Hebrew. Modern Hebrew is a reflection of various ethnic communities contributing to its formation.

While Arabic is by no means an endangered language, it is used significantly less in official settings. Crystal’s third stage hardly seems relevant to the question of Israel or Modern Israeli Hebrew, as the Palestinian population living in Israel has not exhibited the third stage of Crystal’s model, en masse, but they have undergone the first and second stages. Nevertheless, Palestinians living in Israel have adopted quite a bit of Hebrew phraseology in their day-to-day speech, in the same way Hebrew has adopted Arabic terminology into their language. If the dominated language, Arabic, has filtered through and is being used to an extent by the dominant language, Hebrew, then the dominated language, Arabic, has found a new form of existing.  It cannot be considered language death if even the smallest of phrases is still used, nor would it be considered a living language, but rather a language in limbo.

Modern Israeli Hebrew is not only deeply affected by Arabic, but also by Yiddish, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Amharic, Tagalog, Thai and others, all spoken by significant immigrant populations in Israel. Adapting these languages into Modern Israeli Hebrew does not make Hebrew any less Hebrew, nor does it threaten national unity.[13] Oppositely, the assimilation of all these languages into Hebrew creates a new language, specific to the needs that suit the Israeli-transnational identity, in which one can pick and choose how the Hebrew language reflects the ever-evolving social and political needs of the population.

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Hello Pistachios!

Springtime is just around the corner and if you’re anything like me, you’re super excited for the nice weather, bright colors and pretty clothes. Already the weather is starting to get warmer and brighter. I’ve started pulling out the springtime dresses and getting my spring cleaning done- AND IT FEELS GREAT! I don’t know about you, but spring cleaning is a great excuse to purge my closet of clothes and accessories I haven’t worn in a while. [Don’t forget to donate your lightly worn clothes to charity.] So as my closet starts to look bare, I have to ask: What am I going to replace it all with?

In lieu of my daily fashion post, here is a list of my must have Spring accessories from my new favorite shop. Spring was inspired by some fashion boutiques in SoHo, New York City. It’s a great site because it gives you the experience of shopping at all these boutiques in one place. Plus there are some really cute accessories on there that I totally want… like, now!

As you can tell from my list, I’m all about the sunglasses, watches and headbands. I want it all!


Happy Shopping!


Magnolia Cat Eye Sunglasses

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