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Sign: End orca captivity once and for all


Congress: Pass the ORCA Act and End Killer Whales in Captivity


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Nice try, SeaWorld.

The corporation grabbed headlines around the world this week with the news that it would end its killer whale performances. Beneath the headlines, however, very little has changed. Sign my Care2 petition to ask Congress to take action to end the barbaric practice of keeping killer whales in captivity.

The full story is that in an effort to turn around the 17% decline in attendance at their San Diego park, SeaWorld will end their theatrical performances by 2017, and instead work to present the animals in a more natural setting. This announcement does not affect their two other U.S. parks.

Unfortunately, it seems like that setting won’t be any larger than their current, cramped conditions. The entertainment corporation also announced they were halting their plans to significantly increase the size of their killer whale tanks.

This news certainly won’t change the reality that orcas shouldn’t be in captivity. These highly social animals spend their time in the wild traveling in family pods over 100 miles a day to hunt schools of salmon and other prey together. Orcas cannot thrive in lonely, captive conditions – even if the bathtub is designed to look more natural.

A Congressman from California is introducing the ORCA Act, a bill to phase out the practice of keeping killer whales in captivity, ending captive breeding and the import and export of these magnificent animals. Sign my petition and urge your member of Congress to support the legislation today!

Thanks for taking action!


Aaron V.

The Care2 Petitions Team