The Key of Return

Carl Knappett examines the way in which people think through material culture stating that the “meaning of an object arises in the articulation of the its pragmatic and significant dimensions.” He uses a methodology that utilizes physical affordance, cultural and conventional constraints, iconicity, as well as indexicality, to exemplify Bonnot’s case study that showed that significance and symbolism of material culture could shift through time and spatiality.

This case study can be applied to that of Palestine, more specifically the right of return, Al ‘Awda, for Palestinian refugees. Within a Western context, old keys may be seen as just that, an old key. There are key museums that possibly seek to present older keys as art as opposed to anthropological artefact, as Gell would suggest. However, for Palestinian refugees, the symbolism of older keys not only represents, but also is synonymous with the right of return to their homeland, which they actively seek. Many Palestinians who fled Palestine during the Nakba held onto their house keys and land deeds, in hopes of a quick return. However, the current political situation has not lent itself to the repatriation of the Palestinian refugees, leading these keys to be passed down from generation to generation.

This generational hand-down of keys is one of the reasons why the image of the key is referred to as mftaH al ‘Awda, or the ‘Key of Return.’ This tradition has brought together generations of Palestinians in the aspiration to return to a homeland some have never seen. The Key of Return acts as a uniting factor amongst Palestinians all over the world, unifying Palestinians under one goal. Palestinians have shifted their political representation, as well as shifted their political aspirations, however, the right of return has been one thing that most Palestinians can agree on, regardless of political affiliation or geographic location.

While the Key of Return is largely a political statement, it can slink into the realm of the arts. Many Palestinian and Palestinian activists, who are artists, use this image in their work. The Key of Return has the ability to be both aesthetically appealing and meaningful, putting into issue Gell’s theory that people are “slaves” to art and aestheticism and that objects considered as “aesthetically superior” suggest symbolism beyond “mundane artefact.” The Key of Return’s beauty lay in the resistance movement, aspirations of return and Palestinian unity. It is only mundane when it is devoid of meaning and history, yet artists use the Key of Return as a socio-political statement in their art. Artists have the ability to evoke more emotion from an image of the key through various elements of their work; artwork of the key can therefore be considered meaningful and aesthetically appealing. However, had the Palestinian right of return not been associated with the image of the key, artists may fail to make the key aesthetically appealing, as it is a historical artefact, but it is the meaning behind the Key of Return that gives the key in artwork its aesthetic appeal.

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Catalogue Central

I’m a fan of snail mail. I like being able to hold a letter in my hand. And because most things are done these days through email. I LOVE getting shopping catalogues. I can’t afford anything in them, but I love to look at them. They keep me entertained and inspire my many daydreams.

Join me…


What do you label yourself as?

What do you label yourself as?

This question is always so difficult because on one hand labels are silly, but the other hand- labels can be quite important. In some cases they are only as important as you let them be. And they only mean as much as you want them to.

But we can label ourselves a million labels, as most, if not all of us, belong to more communities than we realize. Or as Benedict Anderson would call it, imagined communities.

I’m a human, woman, Palestinian, Muslim, feminist, writer, activist, baker, student, teacher, driver, lover, hater, child, ally, adult, brunette, cook, eater, consumer, worker, liberal, omnivore, blogger, talker, listener, actress, walker, reader, editor, Arab and so much more.

A whole lot more. Labels can never fully define a person.


What is in my bag?


I joke and call it my Mary Poppins bag…


Mainly because I never know what I’ll find in there or how long it’s been in there…


But spring cleaning has beckoned me and it is time to declutter…


And this is what I found in my bag…

  • A bunch of paper towels
  • A handful of coins- mainly pennies
  • My gym ID
  • Lipbalm
  • My wallet
  • Collection liquid eyeliner
  • Antihistamine
  • Hair Ties
  • My keys
  • Eyedrops
  • Old receipts
  • 3 pens
  • Card purse
  • Emergency pads
  • Lotion that doubles as hand sanitizer
  • Gift cards
  • An envelope of coupons


Yeah, definitely going to have to purge some of this stuff. Spring cleaning feels so good.

What was the last song you listened to? #music

Zayn Malik “Befour” lyrics

(I done this before…)

I don’t drink to get drunk
I feel all the right funk
If there’s something I want
I’ll take all the right wrongs
Now, I’m gonna stay in my zone
I’m tired of picking that bone
And I can’t be bothered to fight it no more, no!

Numb on a roof
Set it on fire
Just to give me proof
I’m living on a wire
Numb on a roof
Set it on fire
Just to give me proof
I’m living on a wire

So say what you wanna say, what you wanna
So say what you wanna say, what you gotta say, now
So say what you wanna say, what you want
Shame is you won’t say that to my face

I’ve done this before
Not like this, not like this

Time for me to move up
So many hours have gone
Heart beats the pump of my blood
No strings for you to pull on
You’ve got your tongue in your cheek
So pardon if I don’t speak
Hand to my cuts into your soul, no

Numb on a roof
Set it on fire
Just to give me proof
I’m living on a wire

So say what you wanna say, what you wanna
So say what you wanna say, what you gotta say, now
So say what you wanna say
So say what you wanna say, what you want
Shame is you won’t say that to my face

I’ve done this before
Not like this, not like this

Flashing lights
So say what you wanna say, what you wanna
So say what you wanna say, what you gotta say, now
So say what you wanna say, what you want
Shame is you won’t say that to my face
So say what you wanna say, what you wanna
So say what you wanna say, what you gotta say, now
So say what you wanna say, what you want
Shame is you won’t say that to my FACE

I’ve done this before…
Not like this, not like this
I’ve done this before…

(Not like this, not like this…)

Would you go bungee jumping or skydiving?

Bungee jumping has always been a no-go for me. Even though I grew up watching Jennifer Lopez star in Selena and felt totally inspired by the entire movie with the exception of the bungee jumping part. That part, what make others feel free, excited or exhilarated by such an experience– well I believe that  if I went bungee jumping, I’d likely have a heart attack or piss myself. Plus I have two herniated discs in my back and I’m pretty sure bungee jumping would send me and my bad back to the hospital. So that’s a no-go.

Skydiving on the other hand- I might try. Everyone I know that’s gone skydiving has had a good time. I’d probably still be crazy nervous and my heart would feel like it was bursting from my chest, but for whatever reason, I think I’d like to try it. But I want to try it with a reputable skydiving company and only go and do it if I felt comfortable with them. You’re putting you life in the hands of strangers, so trust is necessary.

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Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) affects over 4 million adult Americans every year, and is a condition where the person feels extremely worried or anxious on a regular basis. Exaggerated feelings of worry or anxiety are normal in some situations, but for people who have generalized anxiety disorder or related conditions, the feelings are out of proportion with the situation at hand.

People with generalized anxiety disorder are unable to stop worrying about everyday events and situations, and may become overly concerned with money, work, school, health or their families. They spend their days in constant worry or anxiety over certain situations, and they often end up feeling worn out, depressed, sad, and cannot enjoy relationships or social activities.

There is no known root cause of generalized anxiety disorder, but doctors and researchers conjecture that there are several factors that contribute to the development of this anxiety problem. Family history often plays an important role in the development of generalized anxiety disorder. If a person’s parent were constant “worriers”, they probably grew up in an environment where fear and anxiety were part of everyday life.

Environmental factors can also be a cause of anxiety disorders. Stressful events such as abuse, divorce, moving, changing jobs or losing a loved one can trigger real fear, dread and anxiety, but this can worsen if it is left unaddressed. The person can get into the habit of feeling difficult feelings all over again whenever they are stressed, and this can perpetuate the cycle of anxiety. reports that many people turn to food, nicotine or caffeine to manage their feelings, but this often makes the situation worse.