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Urban Outfitters Dindle Suede Ankle Boot $89, Dolls Kill For Love & Lemons TEMECULA WINE MINI DRESS $215.00, Rebecca Minkoff $58.00 Cage Phone Crossbody IN STOCK $145.00

So Ready For Spring #ootd #fashionpost

ootd145Dune London BARLIE – NUDE Metal Frame Clutch $45.00, Dolls Kill Mink Pink CRIME OF PASSION MAXI DRESS $115.00, CiCiHot Nude Faux Suede Strappy Open Toe Platform Wedges ITEM NO: SHOES-WEDGES-JPO-CONQUEST-NDESU $43.99

#LoveMe Challenge: Day 9

Day 9


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Meet my Muslim Sister Doll Squad

From Left to Right:

Razanne- She’s a convert/revert and the most chill of the sisters. She’s from Philadelphia and is all about giving back to the community.

Fullah- She’s Palestinian, from Nazareth. She’s a tough young woman that loves fashion and the arts. She’s goal-oriented and always hits while the iron’s hot.

Dalila- She’s Bosnian. She’s totally the manner/polite police.  She’s keeping the rest of them in line with a smile, wisdom and love.

No, I’m not crazy– I promise. When I was a little girl there were all these Barbies and other dolls, but none of them looked like me or believed in the same things I do. So when I come across a doll that portrays a part of life I can connect and resonate with, I like to bring it into my life and give the dolls a bit of a backstory.

It’s cool. They just hang out on my shelf and I guess I’m waiting for the time when I meet a young girl who is in need of a doll that relates to her. Then she can have them. And that is beautiful.