Year of Firsts: Running out of ideas

This global heatwave has been limiting my desire to leave the house and hence narrowing my Year of Firsts options. With that said, here it goes:



This was the first time my Shams has seen a bug he couldn’t get to, but this isn’t just a first for him, it was a first for me too because Shams lost his footing and I had to catch him from falling. He gave me a real scare and I hugged him as long as he would allow. I love my little adventurous guy.



I saw a recipe for pineapple lemonade and since we had a ton of pineapple that we couldn’t eat before going bad, we blended a bunch of pineapples and fresh lemon juice together. Super yummy and would totally make again.



I was slightly confused by the concept of a cookie brownie. It’s not quite a cookie and it’s not quite brownie but it is quite yummy. 10/10 would eat again.



I LOVE watermelons! And anytime I find a new watermelon flavoured anything, I need to have it. Picked this wonder up at my local ALDI and my only regret is not buying more.



Don’t ask me how, but I’ve never had a Snickers ice cream cone. I’ve had the bars both the ice cream variety and the room temperature kind, but I tend to not enjoy cone based ice creams, with the exception of these. I love Snickers… Total comfort food.



Speaking of chocolate, I usually walk past the chocolate section of the grocery store with my head down because I want it all. This time I decided to indulge a bit and try this German hazelnut chocolate bar and I think I’m going to have to work extra hard to avoid the chocolate section next time.



First time hearing this song and I’m not ashamed to say I really like it.



This is freaky. I uploaded my picture to this beauty cam type of app. They have an automatic button which is supposed to automate multiple features to be their optimal prettiest and this is what I got. Enough said.



This is the first time I caught a picture and a glimpse of my cat looking all jealous while I hug my other cat. It broke my heart. I love my Qamar.



French style yoghurt is a new favourite of mine and I tend to love anything lemon flavoured. I do wish they’d make a lower sugar version though.



My Shams found a new toy. This is the day I realized that I didn’t have to buy him fancy toys and that he was happier playing and hanging out in a paper bag than any other toy I could possibly give him.

Well, that’s all for now folks.

Until next time…

Peace and Pistachios,



Year of Firsts: 1 Month

It has been a month since I started my Year of Firsts. I have been laying low the past few days but here’s the roundup.

Monday’s First was an experiment in astrology. I read my horoscope every so often. I take more as daily advice, rather than a premonition of sorts. I try not to take it too seriously. But then I found this free reading and knew there was a catch. Regardless, I put in my info and waited for it to not be free anymore.

These are screenshots of my reports. Slightly generic and fake attempts at personal touches. Enjoy…


If you take a good look at it, to the unassuming victim, it could be easy to be fooled. I knew the entire time they were going to ask for money, I am surprised it was as long as it was, but we’ll get to that a little later.

I clicked on the said link and then got saddled with the cost for my so-called Transit Guide.


I had zero intention of ever paying for any of this nonsense, but out of curiosity, I did google to see if there were reviews of this guy’s services.

And that’s when I came along this article:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So yeah, not that I had any doubt, it’s all fake. The reason why the initial report is so long is that it’s the same report for everyone. I just really enjoy the official confirmation from others.

Tuesday was a slow day for my First so I settled on trying two new drinks.


There was the fresh and all-natural lemonade. Just the right around of sweet and sour. I love love love bitter drinks!

Then I tried a Diatomaceous Earth drink with Pineapple Juice and water. It’s supposed to be an internal cleanser of sorts. Ya know, if you have parasites or anything like that. I thought it would taste chalkier than it did, but once it was thoroughly mixed, it went down pretty smooth. The jury is still out on the whole cleansing bit, though.


Wednesday’s First was on the beauty front. I gave a new facemask a try.


I think I picked it up at Forever 21 ages ago but didn’t get a chance to use it.


I don’t know why, but every time I use a sheet mask, I feel as though I can’t get it to fit my face properly. Does anyone else have this issue? I can never get it to fit the entirety of my nose and then have all these overlapping flaps around the edge.


Whatever, do I look younger? LOL.


Until tomorrow…

Peace and Pistachios,



Year of Firsts: Meatless Post Clean

So it seems this every couple of days thing is becoming more common. I was too tired last night to catch y’all up on my Firsts.

I wasn’t sure what my First was going to be on Saturday, I hadn’t set anything up ahead of time, so I thought I’d try to wash my makeup brushes with a conditioning mask. I also received this brush cleaner and it was my first time using that.

Look at how much gunk gets stuck in my brushes. It makes me sad to think I put that nastiness on my face. I suppose I should wash my brushes more often. I wanted to see if conditioning them would make them feel nicer because I usually use a soap or shampoo to clean my brushes. Conditioning was a good thing.


Then I lit a Skittles candle for the first time. I wanted the smell to be a lot stronger than it was. But it was a nice subtle scent of strawberries. Soothing… I’m all about the soothing vibes.

Later that day, I accompanied my mom on a drive and she mentioned that she wanted to stop at the post office. I had never been to that post office before. It was a First. It was big. I like big post offices. They’re so roomy and exciting. Mail is exciting. It’s so full of possibilities.

While paying for the letter to be sent, the post woman told me to click on the screen to agree that I didn’t include any type of explosives or whatever. But I couldn’t see the screen because of the glare, so I had to get on my tiptoes just to see it. The post woman giggled and said she wasn’t going to laugh at me because there are a lot of older people who come in and can’t see the screen because they’re shorter. And I said, “Yeah, but that’s what makes them so cute.” She laughed. Admit it, short old people are the cutest.


Saturday was a busy day of Firsts, I closed out the day by a Carvel stop. Although it was not my first time at a Carvel or my first time ordering a vanilla soft-serve with chocolate sprinkles, it was nice because this was my go-to order as a kid and I haven’t had it in ages. It makes me happy. It’s the simple things.


On to Sunday’s First. I had read a lot about these Beyond Burgers and have been quite curious. I heard they taste like meat and are the meatiest tasting plant-based burgers around. I wanted to know how true that was and have looked for them for a while, but can’t seem to find them anywhere.  Anyways, I found them! Beware, even though they are plant-based, there is beef juice extract in it. Apparently, it’s used for the colouring. I could have done without the colouring though.

The directions say to cook them for three minutes on each side and that the insides will remain red. They won’t get brown like that of a beef burger. So I knew they would be red, but I was surprised at how red it was. It looked like a raw beef burger.

The texture was insanely similar to that of a beef burger. Not exactly the same, but a heck of a lot closer than that of other veggie burgers. It was very bizarre in a good way. The taste was smokey, like that of burger, but you can still tell it’s a veggie based burger. The top ingredient was Pea isolate, so I am curious about how they made it taste meaty.

It was an interesting and tasty experience. I don’t know if I’d ever crave this burger specifically, but I certainly wouldn’t turn it down if someone offered me one.

Until tomorrow…

Peace and Pistachios,



Year of Firsts: Mask

Yesterday’s First was all about the self-care. I’m a big fan of trying out new makeup and beauty regimes.

I am more typically into clay masks, but sheet masks seem to be all the rage these days.


When I saw this in the Dollar Store, I said, “Let me give this a go. What’s the worst that could happen?”

I mean, for a dollar, why not?


So I put this thing on and immediately realized it was made for people with small noses. This thing left a good part of my nose exposed, but I supposed that’s to be expected. I have a big nose. I get it. I’m cool with it.

I always wonder how some people’s faces fit so perfectly into a sheet mask. My face doesn’t do that.


So yeah… I left this collagen mask on for the recommended 10-15 minutes and then rinsed the residue off.

Do I look 10 years younger? Lol. The package didn’t advertise that I would look younger, I’m just messing. Who knows if this has helped the elasticity of my face. I didn’t notice anything different, but I’m not complaining.


It is what it is.

Until tomorrow…

Peace and Pistachios,




What a difference 10 years makes

A decade ago, I was a videographer/journalist. It’s so cringe to watch now. What a different time…

Taqasim- Simon Shaheen

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful

Conversion to Islam

 Don’t judge me. I’d like to think my skills have come a long way since then.
Peace and Pistachios,

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