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Your gift will help us continue to meet these goals Aga Khan in the coming year and for another 50 years.



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Hamilton cast members addressing VP-elect Mike Pence causes a social media uproar

Last weekend, Vice President-elect Mike Pence attended the sold out Hamilton show at the Richard Rodgers Theatre. And the Hamilton cast had a few words for the future Vice President.

Actor Brandon Victor Dixon went off script and gave a powerful monologue addressing Pence personally. The Hamilton audience responded to Dixon’s monologue by booing Pence.

While Pence has stated that he was “not offended” by the monologue or audience’s response, President-elect Donald Trump took to Twitter to respond:


But Trump was not the only person to react on Twitter. Twitter users, over the week, started trending #BoycottHamilton, in defence of the future President and Vice President.

Even celebrity and New Jersey native, Steven Van Zandt, took to Twitter in response to the incident.

Hamilton supporters also responded to the trending hashtag with some clever tweets.




Gov. Chris Christie has been very involved in the Trump-Pence election campaign and Christie shortly led the transition committee until Pence took over. Christie has since been demoted to vice chairman.

With the announcement and appointment of alt-right cabinet members with ties to white nationalist groups,  there is no telling how his involvement in Trump’s campaign will influence Gov. Christie’s approval rating, which was recently reported to be as low as 20 percent.

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