Remembering Rachel Corrie on the anniversary of her death



Dear Friend,

On this day 13 years ago, American peace activist Rachel Corrie was crushed to death by Israeli soldiers driving a military bulldozer. She was trying to prevent the demolition of a Palestinian family’s home. According to numerous witnesses and photographic documentation, she was killed intentionally.

Representative Brian Baird from Washington State introduced a resolution in Congress calling on the federal government to “undertake a full, fair, and expeditious investigation” into Rachel’s death. The bill was co-sponsored by 77 representatives, but Congress took no action. 

The Corrie family then filed a lawsuit against Caterpillar Inc in 2005, alleging that Caterpillar supplied Israelis with bulldozers even though they knew they were being used to commit war crimes. The lawsuit was dismissed.

The Corrie family’s appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit was also dismissed. The court acknowledged that the U.S. government paid for the bulldozer that killed Rachel, but said that they didn’t have the jurisdiction to rule on the “political question” of U.S. military aid to Israel. 

In 2010, the Corrie family filed a lawsuit in Israel against the Israeli Defense Forces. Israeli officials prevented the physician who had examined Rachel’s wounds from testifying in the case. The court ruled that Rachel was responsible for her own death. In 2014, the Corrie family’s appeal was rejected by the Supreme Court of Israel, and the IDF was absolved of any wrongdoing.

Keep Rachel’s message alive by sharing her story with your community. We have cards, a booklet of Rachel’s letters, and posters available for download and order.


U.S. taxpayers send Israel over $3 billion a year in military aid with virtually no strings attached, and now the prime minister of Israel wants $5 billion a year.

The majority of Americans oppose taking sides in the Israel-Palestine conflict, but virtually all Democratic and Republican members of Congress continue to supply Israel with more and more weapons each year (Palestinians do not receive military aid).

American taxpayer dollars have enabled Israel to continue its decades-long illegal occupation of Palestinian land and deny Palestinians basic legal and human rights. With our money, Israeli forces have killed over 9,200 Palestinians as well as numerous international journalists and peace activists since 2000.

We are driving the violence in this region, and we must stop it.

This weekend, AIPAC kicks off its annual policy conference in Washington, D.C., with Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump scheduled to give speeches. We hope you will join us this Sunday at noon at the White House to protest AIPAC’s influence on American politics and support Palestinian human rights. Your voice is urgently needed!

As always, thank for your commitment to peace, justice, and equality for all people.

The If Americans Knew team

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Protest AIPAC in DC on March 20th! Join this rally spearheaded by Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition.

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You care about the future, Save The Children- 2014 Annual Report

In 2014, Save the Children worked in 120 countries, including the United States, and helped more than 166 million children — including more than 55 million children directly. Together with the tremendous support of our donors and partners, we transformed children’s lives and the future we share. Thank you!

A Celebration of Childhood

Together; we invest in childhood — every day, in times of crisis and for our future. It’s by far the most important investment we can make. One that changes the course of children’s lives, as well as the future we all share.

Now, we invite you to celebrate the results for children made possible by your investment. These results are reflected in the numbers — the millions of children we’ve reached — as well as in children’s eyes, their smile and their stories of success.

Please enjoy our celebration of childhood, a special expression of gratitude for your life-changing investment. Join us in our dedication to transforming even more lives and futures in 2016.

Save the Children President & CEO
Carolyn Miles

A Healthy Start

In the United States and around the world, Save the Children is dedicated to ensuring every child has a healthy start. We improve the health and nutrition of newborn babies, children and their mothers by targeting the major causes of death and providing access to high-impact, low-cost care that save lives. We help train and equip frontline health workers to deliver care in some of the world’s most challenging places.

The Opportunity to Learn

In the United States and around the world, Save the Children is dedicated to ensuring every child has the opportunity to learn.

We support quality education and learning for all children, in the classroom and at home. We help children prepare to start and succeed in school. We train teachers in more effective practices. And we offer ways to get kids learning outside of school hours.

We also help school-age kids stay healthy, so they don’t fall behind our drop out of school. And we make sure children don’t stop learning during a crisis.

In addition, we provide youth with skills to succeed — like learning a trade or building a business.

Readiness. Relief. Recovery

No one knows when or where the next crisis will hit. But we do know that children are disproportionally affected in times of crisis — and often suffer the most. That’s why Save the Children is dedicated to providing child-focused emergency readiness, relief and recovery in the United States and around the world.

Policy. Advocacy. Action.

In the United States and around the world, Save the Children is dedicated to ensuring children’s voices are heard and their needs addressed — giving them the best chance for a healthy, productive life. Through the power of policy analysis and advocacy.

A Charity You Can Trust

We are grateful for the support of our individual donors, foundation, corporate and venture partners — who know that an investment in childhood is an investment worth making. Download the Annual Report

Through the power of policy analysis and advocacy, we leverage the success of our programs to achieve lasting, large-scale results for children.

Thanks to your continued support, we are able to speak on behalf of children to some of the world’s most powerful entities – from the U.S. government to the United Nations Security Council. We advance policy change and secure financial investments that benefit millions of children around the world.

View our 2014 Annual Report to read how we work to ensure that our policy and advocacy expertise, combined with decades of on-the-ground experience, translates into lasting change for generations of children to come.





Save the Children’s innovative global strategy aims to ensure countries invest effectively to fulfill all children’s rights. We do this by campaigning with children and other organizations, working with governments at the federal, state and local levels, and elevating the voices of children themselves.

Children are born ready to grow, learn and succeed. But without our help, those in need don’t have a chance. That’s why we invest in childhood – every day, in times of crisis and for our future.

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