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Dear Dr. ArnonUncommonplace Book– October 2016

Once Upon A JerusalemThe Paragon Journal– October 2016

Eid MubarakCatahoula ZineSpring 2016

Once Upon A Jerusalem (Excerpt)Dream Fever Magazine– February 2016

I Remain (Part I)– Zo Magazine- What Grass? – January 2016

I Remain (Part II)– 352 Degrees Magazine– September 2015

Virtuous Violations– Uptown 1– September 2015

I Remain– Lamentations-Gaza– January 7, 2009


The Left in Israel: Zionism vs Socialism

The Jews of Iraq, Zionist Ideology, and the Property of the Palestinian Refugees of 1948: An Anomaly of National Accounting

Writing the Arab-Israeli Conflict: Historical Bias and the Use of History in Political Science

Post-Zionist Critique on Israel and the Palestinians: Part 1 The Academic Debate

Towards Coexistence: An Analysis of Resolutions of the Palestine National Council

How Does Palestinian Hip-Hop Influence Palestinian Identity Amongst Palestinians Living In Israel and How Does Israel Interact With This Identity?








Heating Problem?

How Do We Rank?

Online Services and Web Page Safety

Weather for Last Respects

Can Hispaniola Take Another Hit?

End of Summer



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Executive Summary Sample 2

Arabic Heritage Speakers in Non-Heritage Arabic Language Classrooms

Excerpt from “The Factors that Determine What Makes a Revolution Violent or Nonviolent”

Dissecting Orientalism

History for Forgetfulness 

Symposium Report 2011- Immigration

The Key of Return



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What is in my bag?

I Am Palestinian

When heels steal you away from a thesis

Must Have #Spring #Accessories #fashionpost #shopspring

When #Insomnia Strikes: How I Make Myself Sleep

In Review #AmericanHorrorStory

Leaking Ativan Into The Water #Snowzilla

Songs I’m listening to this week

App Hoarding

Unfinished Thoughts- Sex Trafficking

Human rights… It’s just not for me…”

What do you know?

Mental Disembowelment

This is Your Brain on Porn: Research Reveals the Affects of Porn on the Brain

There is nothing casual about civilian casualties

American Fears… I Can’t Breathe

Realistic Little Liars



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Taqasim- Simon Shaheen

DTV Presents: LET’S REVIEW — “Black Swan”

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful

Conversion to Islam