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There is nothing casual about civilian casualties

Are you a Daily Mail reader? I won’t lie, I usually read the Daily Mail for a laugh. Some of these stories they come up with… they’re just interesting and chuckle-worthy to say the least. I do, however, know that I should never read an article concerning a serious matter on the Daily Mail website. But alas, I torture myself every time and even worse, I always scroll down to the comments section to read the vile things people feel so confidently typing, but rarely say in person.

Some of the worst things I’ve read include:

Comments about how “Real” refugees shouldn’t have phones- Many refugees are fleeing war. That doesn’t mean they didn’t have possessions. Cell phones are no longer a first world standard. Get over it because I’m willing to bet that the vast majority of refugees don’t have these fancy contracts and money to spend speaking hours on the phone.

Comments about how “real” refugees shouldn’t be allowed to wear makeup- First of all, I saw the video this ignoramus was commenting on and the woman did not have makeup up. She was and is naturally gorgeous. Perfect contours, skin and thick eyebrows. She’s prettier than all of us put together. That comment was pure jealousy. Plus, considering everything these refugees have been through, so what if she gets to put on a tiny bit of makeup. She deserves to feel beautiful and like her normal self after the torment of fleeing her country and home.

Comments about how refugees are only in it for the benefits- You know what benefit they really want. The benefit of life!!! I can’t entertain that nonsense.

Comments about how Syrians should fight for their country- This is the silliest comment of all. Syrians have been fighting for their country for years. They’re not only fighting against ISIS, you know. They’re fighting against the Assad regime and the US and Russia and the whole list of countries that have been striking Syria. What weapons do these innocent civilians have that they can use against a whole world? The numbers don’t add up. The worst part is so many refugees are children. Do we really expect children to fight? Because if we allowed that the Daily Mail commenters would comment about how child soldiers are wrong.

Comments about how refugees desire to continue their education makes them economic migrants and not refugees- You realize that these people have had their entire lives come to a complete halt. They’ve literally been sitting around starving and waiting to die. A whole generation of young Syrians is growing up illiterate and unable to do basic math or know much about anything other than war. These refugees aren’t coming over just so they can take advantage of university education. No, if they could have stayed in Syria and continued their education they would have. But there are no teachers left in schools in Syria because there are no schools left. The schools that are left get used as shelters and makeshift community centers.

Comments about how “we” should bomb “them all”- That is an incitement of terror and makes you complicit in murder. Just putting that out there, you horrible human being. I have no problem with seeing ISIS and Assad terrorist thugs get blasted off this earth, however the legal thing to do would be to capture them and try them in a court of international law, in which they would be found guilty and live a long and tortuous life in maximum security prisons. But there is nothing casual about bombing an entire city, killing innocent civilians and calling them casualties.

Comments about how everyone in Raqaa is an ISIS terrorist and that if they weren’t they would have left- Yes, Raqaa is an ISIS headquarter. Yes, ISIS controls the city, but is everyone there a supporter of ISIS, no? But to openly oppose it would leave you dead or tortured. Why don’t people leave? They don’t have the money. Sure smugglers could get you out, but where would you go? The smugglers will take all your money, risk your life and leave you penniless on a raft in the Mediterranean or in the desert on the way to a desolate refugee camp or in some other destroyed part of Syria.

Comments judging refugees for being separated from their families- Seriously? Is this the Olympic category for most vile comment made? Because if it is, you win. People get separated from their families in all sorts of ways that most people would find inconceivable. But it happens all the time. Talk to anyone whose family has been through a war or some sort of catastrophe: I can guarantee you that a majority of people will tell you they have at least one family member that ended up alone or separated from the rest.

Comments about how refugees have “such nice tents”- This dude commented on how her tent was so nice that she couldn’t possibly be a “real” refugee and that she probably has all this money stashed away. How deep in the dirt is your head exactly? Much of this type of supplies has been provided by aid workers, charity organizations and normal human people with hearts that donated much needed goods, such as tents. Do you want to live on a tent on a street corner when it’s raining and cold? No, especially since winter is nearing. You’re just a horrible person for thinking this

Comments stating the run of the mill stereotypes- The long list of racial slurs, insults, and stereotypes that I won’t humor by listing. You know the type orientalist rubbish that is slanderous, libel, disgusting and horrible filth, but Facebook won’t take it down because they’re too worked up taking pictures down of women’s bodies.


My conclusions: Firstly, humans are awful. I don’t know how people can be awful. I doubt most of these hateful commenters could handle  day in the life of a refugee. If you really think “we don’t owe them anything,” then you clearly have no idea how complicit our governments are in making Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and the rest of the world, the situation that they are in today.

Secondly, we haven’t learned from history one bit. These comments– ugh just look at some of the things people said during WWII about refugees. Please and compare those comments to now.

And lastly, I can’t be the only one who sees comparison in 9/11 and the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq with the Paris Attacks and the subsequent bombing of Raqaa.

Civilians, particularly children are innocent and pay the highest toll in wartime situations. I’m not going to sit here and pretend like I know what the answers to terrorism, racism, discrimination and bigotry are. Offhand I would say education, but we all know the world isn’t that simple.

All I want is for people to think for 30 seconds before they type these horrible comments. I pray your ignorant minds become enlightened with knowledge, wisdom and empathy.


PSFR Officer (LG – UAE) Job posted by: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Posted on: September 4, 2015

PSFR Officer (LG – UAE)

Job posted by: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

Posted on: September 4, 2015

Job description

Grade: P3

Deadline for Applications: 17 September 2015 (Midnight Geneva time)

The Officer would be responsible for the implementation of the PSFR programme in UAE and for strategy and planning. The officer will also manage any Private Sector Fund Raising (PSFR) consultancy and any PSFR staff resources for UNHCR in UAE as well as managing small-scale fundraising activities in other Gulf States as and when required by PSFR. The position’s supervisor will be the Senior Global PSFR Officer (SEMEA) who is tasked with maintaining an organizational overview of all UNHCR offices with PSFR operations and all National Associations in the PSFR region (which currently includes Southern Europe, Middle East and North Africa (MENA), and Africa). The occupant will work closely with the Head of Liaison Office, Abu Dhabi as part of the external relations hub team and to a work plan agreed with the Head and the supervisor.

  • For UAE it is also intended to include other Gulf States who have small and limited fundraising programmes run through UNHCR (non PSFR), staff, consultancy and suppliers at this time.


  • Develop, implement and report on the annual plan including its associated income and other goals.
  • Act as a supportive and active contributor to the work of the External Relations Team;
  • Explore and develop sources of funds from Leadership Giving sources (corporate/foundations/wealthy individuals) to increase level of funding.
  • Prepare submissions to the Income Growth Fund to secure funding to increase the donor base of private sector donors in UAE;
  • Develop a strategy and then plan and conduct PSFR campaigns in UAE including in emergencies. This includes managing relations with partners, media, contractors and suppliers;
  • Implement an individual fund-raising programme and full donor communications cycle in line with the agreed regional strategy and annual plans for UNHCR in UAE with the aim of upgrading donors to maximize the income to UNHCR from private sector donors.
  • Manage a programme of monthly donors in UAE using best practices in UAE and in UNHCR international should the regional strategy approve it;
  • Maintain a predictable level of service and value for the donor to ensure a stable level of contributions;
  • Report to the Head of Liaison Office, Abu Dhabi and the Senior Regional PSFR Officer (SEMEA) on activities implemented in UAE, including lessons learned and recommendations for future opportunities and plans;
  • Develop with the Snr Global PSFR Officer a detailed Annual PSFR Plan in close consultation with the Head of Liaison Office, Abu Dhabi;
  • Develop a monthly work plan to be approved by both the supervisor and the Head of Liaison Office, Abu Dhabi.
  • Manage PSFR human resources: supervise all PSFR staff and consultants in line with UNHCR’s staff rules, regulations and policies
  • Manage PSFR financial resources: supervise and monitor PSFR expenditure/budget and income recording and reporting and manage the donor database
  • Develop and implement internet-based fund-raising activities in UAE.


  • A university degree (BA) in business/marketing, social sciences or a related discipline plus 8 years’ previous relevant work experience (6 years with advanced university degree) with 5 years private sector fundraising experience in a not-for-profit organisation or an international organisation or a marketing/fundraising consultancy firm in UAE.
  • Proven experience in preparing and implementing PSFR plans and developing plans for annual income growth as well as in strategic planning.
  • Demonstrated ability to meet PSFR targets.
  • Proven experience in developing and delivering Leadership Giving programmes.
  • Proven expertise and up-to-date knowledge in all major existing and new PSFR techniques including direct marketing and direct response fundraising, monthly donor programmes including face-to-face, telemarketing, middle and major donors, legacies, corporate fundraising and new media fundraising.
  • Experience of managing the production of fundraising materials from creative and design to production, print and delivery.
  • Fluent in Arabic and English (verbal and written) essential.

How to apply

To Apply and Read a Detailed Job Description, Please Visit:


Abu Dhabi, Abū Z̧aby, United Arab Emirates