Year of Firsts: Cryptic

Yesterday’s First was something I have been avoiding for a while. Bitcoin and all this cryptocurrency stuff have been all over the news the past few years.


I usually just skip it all over because I’m not too math minded. But yesterday I thought I would at least try to understand it. I didn’t want to overdo it and wasn’t much in the mood to do a lot of reading.


So of course, where do you go when you want to learn something but can’t be bothered to do the reading? Youtube.


I watched this video.

And I really understood it. Well, until about minute 20 when things went from theory to practice. I’m lost when it comes to the whole practice part of it.


What I did learn is I want to start/ make my own cryptocurrency. I don’t know what I would do with it or how I would even start it, but why not?


I’m still learning, expanding my mind.

Until tomorrow…

Peace and Pistachios,



Year of Firsts: 2 for 1

In case you’ve been following my little New Year’s resolution of daily adventures, you might have noticed that I didn’t post last night. That’s because yesterday’s First got a little out of control and caused me to break with habit in writing nightly.


So today you get a two for one special blog of Firsts.


Wednesday’s First had me super excited in a totally nerdy way. I took my first visit to the Dollar General!


I’ve been to a Family Dollar and I’m the Dollar Tree’s number 1 fan. I love going there, it makes me feel alive. I’ve also been to international versions of the dollar store overseas, like Poundland and such. Needless to say, I love love love a good discount, especially when it’s a dollar.


Anyways, I read an article a while ago about how the Dollar General is doing really well in the Midwest and when one opened up in my area, I always said I wanted to check it out. And I finally did. There’s no turning back now.


I don’t understand how they do it, but everything is so cheap. It’s not the Dollar Tree, but it’s now definitely my first stop before going to the supermarket and after the Dollar Tree.


The Dollar General is like a mini-Walmart. They sell pantry foods,  refrigerated foods, coffee, cards, makeup, toiletries, shoes, clothes, cleaning supplies, car accessories, small furniture and organizational needs. I mean, I was floored. How did I not know of this place?


A lot of stuff is name brand and sold within the sell-by date, but they also have a lot of off brand stuff. On average, all the name brand stuff I would buy at a Walmart was at least $1 cheaper and in some cases $10 cheaper. That’s a big deal. That adds up.


That being said, this place is in my neighbourhood. It’s on my way to my pharmacy and supermarket, I’m not sure it would be worth it for someone to drive clear out of their way from five towns over to take advantage of the low prices. Afterall, gas is expensive these days. (I still remember when gas used to cost 99 cents a gallon!!)


The one thing that I found the most impressive at the Dollar General is the ethnic hair section, it’s just as big as the ethnic hair section at my local CVS or Walmart. That’s where I post up. That’s my spot.


Color me pleasantly surprised.



Ok. So now we get into yesterday’s First. Yesterday’s First was an inevitable disaster. You see, my doctor had been giving me samples of Advair to use for my asthma and when  I ran out of refills, I asked my doctor to write me a prescription for it. Turns out my insurance doesn’t cover it.


At this point, I’ve been off the prednisone for a couple of weeks and off the inhaler for a week. I was out of any medication that could help me. I have my rescue inhaler, but I’m literally pumping/living on it about 20 times a day. And that’s not what a rescue inhaler is supposed to be, if you have to use a rescue inhaler that many times, then you need a longer-term action plan, which for me was the Advair.


I play along and call my insurance- United HealthCare. I spoke to a woman named Tracy, who was a little snippy with me, but she was coughing up a storm so let’s forgive that and assume she’s not having a good day. She goes through the list of meds and suggests I have my doctor write me a prescription for Breo Elipta. Tracy tries to call my doctor and of course, they’re closed.


At this point, I’m holding back tears because I can’t breathe and it’s exhausting. Tracy suggests I go to the hospital if it’s the bad. I told her that in the past, I have been to Urgent Care- which by the way is a nightmare trying to find an Urgent Care centre that takes Medicaid- and they help me for the time being, but then I go home and can’t breathe again. I need a solution, not a band-aid. I need my meds.


Not long after the call, my coughing and wheezing did start kicking off and I could feel an attack coming on. Ventolin was not doing it for me. So I got dressed and by the time I got the ER, my asthma attack was so bad that registration staff had me skip the line of patients and were calling in a Code Red.


They rushed me into a room and I must have been making a scene because everyone was staring at me and upon my leaving the hospital, so many people commented that I was sounding better. People that I hadn’t seen at all when I came in.


At that point I was so lightheaded, my hands were turning blue and tingling. My mouth and nose were tingling and everyone kept asking me if I had ever been intubated before for asthma. It was that bad, folks.


Everyone was nice or at least respectful until my doctor came in. She listened to my lungs and checked my stats/vitals and told me to take deep breaths. I was trying, but it’s tough. Then she says, I kid you not, word-for-word, “Anyone can make those sounds, just breathe.” She goes on to say that it’s just respiratory and that my lungs are little tight but fine.


I’m too breathless at the moment to have a sassy comeback, but what is that even supposed to mean? Does she think I’m faking this? How rude! I had a history of asthma and asthma attacks. This was not fake. If you truly thought it was fake and I was just making these sounds for attention, then the responsible doctor move would have been to call for a psych consult or recommend I get some therapy or something. Having a medical degree isn’t an excuse to be a dismissive and insulting jerk. Actually, no one has an excuse to be a dismissive and insulting jerk, period.


Another nurse came in to get my breathing treatment underway and she said that my lungs were working at 99% capacity which is good. Normal is between 90-100%, according to her. She thought that the attack was exacerbated by anxiety and as another neighbouring patient pointed out to me later on, as she was within earshot of it all and it’s impossible to not listen to another patients issues, it’s a cycle. You feel like you can’t breathe and you’re wheezing and struggling to get oxygen and it’s scary. It makes you feel like you’re dying, being strangled from the inside out. Yeah, I think anxiety is normal. Hyperventilating and panicking because you can’t get air to live is normal. It would actually be weird and rather worrisome if you weren’t panicking.


Eventually, with the breathing treatment, my breathing slowed down and the coughing slowed down. The wheezing was easing its way. I was moved to the observation area. At the observation area, a supervising doctor came by and asked how my stay was. I told him about my doctor’s comments and he was like, Wow, that shouldn’t have been said. Well, he didn’t say it like that, but that was what I gathered from the situation. Even some of the other nurses thought she was rude.


My mom chimed in that maybe the doctor thought it was just an anxiety attack. And I was like, nope, that’s not an excused. I don’t care if my asthma attack was induced by weather, stress or a zombie apocalypse, you don’t take to people that way. Even if it was an anxiety attack: 1) A doctor should be better equipped to handle an anxiety attack than being rude and 2) Anxiety attacks and mental health as a whole are serious conditions that shouldn’t be dismissed so easily. Healthcare is about your body and mind, you can’t exclude one or the other.


This supervising doctor was apologetic and appreciated the information. I do believe that he relayed the information to my doctor because when she came around to check on me her tone had changed.


But before my doctor came around the second time, another asthma attack came underway. I was coughing so much that the other patients in the observation room were complaining about my coughing and I had to have another breathing treatment. And this time, I was relaxed, reclined in a chair and colouring on the Pigment app on my phone. So this attack couldn’t be disputed as fake or exaggerated. Not “everyone could make those sounds” and this time I had a room full of witnesses there from the start to prove it.


Ther respiratory nurse let me keep my mask and told me I could use it at home with my nebulizer. In my head I’m thinking, come on, my insurance won’t cover an inhaler, they’re going to cover a nebulizer?


My doctor wrote me a prescription for Breo, because that what we were told by insurance would be covered. The thing with the Breo is that the dosage doesn’t go as high as the Advair and I was on the highest Advair dosage. They also had to give me a dose of steroids through an IV and some oral Prednisone to get me through the next 24 hours.


I was discharged and went directly to the pharmacy, only to be told that the insurance wasn’t going to cover the Breo. The pharmacy tech tried to help and make calls, but ultimately she said that insurance pulls this rubbish off all the time. They’re trying to save a few bucks here and there. Ultimately they don’t care about your health, they just care about their money. But the jokes on them because instead of coughing up $500 for an inhaler, now they literally have a $3,000+ ER hospital bill to the deal with.


What’s frustrating is that this could have been entirely prevented. What’s even more frustrating is the pharmacy having all these inhalers on display… my literal lifeline, and I can’t have. I can reach it. I can see it. I can almost touch it, but I can’t have it because I’m too poor to afford to breathe.


I made an Instagram post (@HebaVsReason) and tweeted my insurance about the experience. And let me tell you, I lost so many followers. That’s cool, I’m not in it for the followers, I’m just having a bit of fun. But it amazes me that as soon as you stop the whole “I’m cute, love life and like nice things” act, how many people will drop you. Not even a single “friend” checked in on me. Not even a like or a personal message. It tells you who is really there for you and who isn’t. And I literally don’t have the breath to waste on those who can’t be bothered to even fake a little concern. The whole experience made me very emotional by the end of the night, just thinking about all this energy I put into others and helping people advance in their lives and they’ve all been content to drop me. They’ve well surpassed my career and education wise and I never got so much as a thank you. I have a couple of good friends and my family and it’s in times like these that it’s clear- that is all you need. There’s no need for the fairweather “friends” and that’s ok with me.


So yesterday’s First was my first time in the hospital for an asthma attack. It was also a lesson in healthcare, hospitality, friendship, life, empathy and learning to not take for granted the little things. Very rarely did I ever feel thankful to breathe normally until I was faced with not being able to breathe.


Hopefully, my next post will be less of an emotional rollercoaster.

Until tomorrow…

Peace and Pistachios,




Year of Firsts: HQ

Yesterday’s First is one for all you trivia buffs. My brother told me about this app that has daily trivia games. And if you get them all right, then you win money. The winnings get split up among all the winners.


It’s certainly an enticing and interesting concept. I mean, who couldn’t use some extra money? I know I definitely could. It reminded me a lot of trivia shows I would see on Jordanian TV. Except you’d have to call in your answer and you had to be the lucky caller and the hosts would awkwardly dance or fidget on screen waiting for the phone calls to come through. 2008, what a time.


I’m not the best at these trivia games. I don’t really know these answers and I don’t know how some of these people know the answers to these questions. On a side note, how do you get one of these jobs? Writing trivia questions… Hosting a trivia game… Sign me up. I want to do that.


The questions start out easy and get more difficult. There’s only 12 question and you get 10 seconds to answer the question.


The truly tough part is that once you pick an answer, you can’t go back and change it. So you can’t mistakenly click on an answer.


The other not so great thing is as the app becomes more popular and more people log in to play, the app freezes and you get automatically eliminated.


There’s this chat function at the bottom of the screen and people type in the most absurd messages. I don’t know if they get stored somewhere, but there are a ton of Trump and MAGA messages being sent. I’d be interested to know the statistics of Trump-related messages vs the rest of the messages.


The messages go by so quickly so it can be difficult to keep up. I did catch someone say “Free Palestine” and that made me happy. Too bad I didn’t get a screenshot of it.


I was playing this game with my family last night, trying to help each other win. None of us won and honestly, I had so much anxiety. I know that I had nothing at stake and I wasn’t going to lose anything, but I kid you not, my heart was pounding, I had butterflies in my stomach and I felt like I had a frog in my throat.


After I got eliminated, I felt so much better. My family was laughing at me. They didn’t get it. I didn’t get it. Maybe it was because it was timed, I haven’t the slightest clue if that would have made a difference?

Oh well. It certainly was an experience. You should play too. Use my code ‘heba48’ to sign up

Until tomorrow…

Peace and Pistachios,



Dear @GEDCSMILES @askUHC @myUHC @UHC @MedicaidGov: An Open Letter Because Tweets, Phone Calls and Snail Mail Aren’t Getting Me Anywhere So Maybe You’ll Read This

Dear UHC, Great Expressions, Medicaid and whoever else is reading:

I am writing in regard to a bill I am receiving from my dentist’s office. My dentist is Dr. Katerine Halim at Great Expressions in Woodbridge, NJ. The date of service was 10/12/2017. My dentist’s office has filed a pre-authorization and claim for my crown on tooth 12 multiple times.

The reason for the denial of the claim from United Healthcare is that the dentist has not sent postoperative x-rays, however, my dentist has sent the x-rays and has resubmitted the x-rays at least 3+ times now. I call United HealthCare and my dentist literally every two weeks and we continue to go around in the same circle where UHC claims to not get the x-rays and my dentist claims to have sent them.

In fact, this most recent time I spoke to my dentist, they said “we give up.” They then told me that they sent UHC my entire file, every treatment, every x-ray, everything they have on me, because they don’t know what else to do. They sent UHC everything and the claim was still denied.

I filed an appeal and it was denied on the basis that x-rays weren’t received, however, UHC was and has been able to receive x-rays for all of my other dental work. I’m not sure why this case is any different.

I only make $5,000 a year, this crown is more than $1,000, that is a fifth of my income. I can’t even pay that on a payment plan because I don’t make nearly enough money.

Additionally, I have been diagnosed with an aggressive myofibroma tumor in my mouth. I only bring this up because this situation is stressful and timely. I’ve spent hours upon hours upon hours making phone calls back and forth and getting nowhere. If I could hand deliver these x-rays to UHC, I would, but I’m in no position physically of financially to do so.

This bill is now going to collections and I can’t pay. I don’t know what to do. I have been put in the middle and neither side is willing to do or suggest anything different. We’re going around in a circle and the only one suffering is me.

I’ve gotten crowns before and I have never had this problem, I don’t understand why this is any different. Why should I be punished because UHC and my dentist can’t seem to communicate properly? I was never once given a choice. I was told I needed a crown. I trusted my doctor and typically the dentist doesn’t even allow me to schedule an appointment for a crown, let alone get the crown until insurance has approved it, but for whatever reason this time it’s not working.

Both sides, UHC and my dentist are not working together and my hands are tied. I didn’t want a crown, I was told I needed one and was given a crown only to be told after I got it that UHC isn’t covering it. If I could give you this crown back, I would because it has caused so much frustration.

I don’t even own anything worth $1,000. I  have no assets. I own nothing. How am I expected to pay? Why should my credit suffer because UHC and my dentist can’t seem to send and receive x-rays to each other?

I  have no idea what else to do and am left depleted at the end of the day. I cannot continue to spend my time and energy on this bill when I really should be using my time to treat my tumor. I am asking for your help in resolving this situation because I have nothing left to give. I have tried everything I can think of and I too have given up.

Venmo Sendmo


Because apparently, you can’t have too many versions of a CV

Writer copy


Heba Issa (1)

Heba Issa copy 3

Heba Issa copy 5

Messing About with the Many #Canva #Resume #Template













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Vinyl Does sound Better

I’ve always said over and over… that there is nothing like the sound of Vinyl.  Placing that new or near mint record just plays and sounds so good on my ancient record player.  Here’s an article I enjoyed reading recording the cool sound and popularity of Vinyl

Have a look. Thanks to:

The New Antique Vinyl Record Ebook


Whether it was the cassette, the CD or the introduction of downloads, each step forward in music delivery technology was considered another nail in the coffin for the notoriously fragile vinyl recording.

But the classic format refused to die, with canny businesses forging a profitable niche for themselves serving the diehards who preferred the format.

And now even major players in the industry are getting back on board, being forced to eat their words because the customer is always right – and the customer wants vinyl.

Pure Entertainment in Stevenage’s Old Town is one independent retailer which has just made the switch to specialising in vinyl, which was previously a sideline to CD sales.

Andy Oaten from David's Music in Letchworth.Andy Oaten from David’s Music in Letchworth.

Increasing demand and high sales for the old style LPs – including a first release Pink Floyd album which changed hands at £300 – have prompted owner Brian Keay to rebrand as Revolution Records, selling secondhand classics and contemporary re-released titles from its Middle Row base.

Rock from the 1970s is the biggest hit, with Brian admitting: “Youngsters today are listening to the bands I was into 45 years ago, Led Zeppelin and stuff like that.”

Revolution Records – which is also aiming to stock music from local bands – is a product of a growing appetite for old-fashioned vinyl records.

Annual vinyl sales grew 800 per cent between 2007 to 2014, while supermarket giant Tesco stocked LPs again during last year’s Christmas period.

Hannah Fishwick, assistant manager with vinyl at Humanitas in Hitchin.Hannah Fishwick, assistant manager with vinyl at Humanitas in Hitchin.

Brian says that simple sound quality is the key to the remarkable revival.

He said: “Vinyl is so much better in terms of sound quality. I think people are starting to realise that.

“Also, it’s a physical product where you can read the sleeve notes and look at the cover artwork.”

As far as the team at David’s Music in Letchworth is concerned, vinyl never went away.

The Eastcheap shop has been selling music in the classic LP format for more than 50 years but manager Andy Oaten has still been taken by surprise by the recent spike in sales.

He said: “We are now selling vinyl and CDs in similar numbers, but vinyl will soon take the lead.”

Andy credits Record Store Day – coming up on Saturday, April 16, and held each year to celebrate the culture of independent record stores – as a key ingredient in the success story.

He said: “Record Store Day has put vinyl records back on the map. Last year we had people camping overnight and queuing out the door to get their hands on the rare records.”

Asked to explain the vinyl craze Andy said: “Modern music went too digital. The music became soulless – vinyl music is warm and soulful.”

The Humanitas charity shop in Hitchin is a more recent convert – the Bucklersbury store started stocking vinyl last year for a trial period, but made them a permanent as sales skyrocketed.

Music manager Paul Wade said: “There is massive demand to produce it. The more we sold the more we had to get in.

“There is something romantic about listening to a record in its entirety, some of that got lost in the iPod and MP3 age.”

I Sold My Collection Now What

I probably had at one time over 600 Vinyl records which I’ve sold on Ebay and Amazon. I used to go to Sam the Record Man and buy two to four Lps per week so I had a wide selection of New Wave and Pop 12″ disco records. I wish now that i didn’t sell off most of my selection although I could restock at any time.  I wish my daughter could go through all my record collection and play some of my old Vinyl. I ran into this article and found it very interesting. Have a look and tell me if you’re kids are enjoying your record collection…. or are you kids collecting Vinyl too?


The Only Books You Will Ever Need


Thanks to… for this article. Wall Street Journal


IN THE AGE of Spotify, it’s tough to justify keeping the massive collection of vinyl records that I’ve acquired from my parents and my decade long career as a music writer (a profession that affords little financial security but plenty of free albums). This is especially true when the room that houses all of my LPs also serves as a home office, guest room and a play area for my two young children, Thomas and Lucy.

I’m not an audiophile or vinyl fanatic. Every time my growing family has moved, I’ve been tempted to give away my LPs. But as I get older, wiser and more sentimental, I’ve decided to hold on to those records for the same reason I’m glad my parents did: Thumbing through your parents’ LP collection isn’t just an opportunity to get turned on to some great music; it’s a chance to learn about your folks as people.


Sure, my parents’ cache of LPs was my entree to a lifelong love of the Beatles, Stevie Wonder and Creedence. But those records were also a trail of biographical breadcrumbs that my parents left for me to discover.

Once, for instance, I pointed to my mother’s copy of “Rubber Soul” to defend my mop haircut. When the tactic worked, I realized mom wasn’t always a mom; at one time, she was a girl who thought the Beatles were dreamy.  Meanwhile, my dad’s copy of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme” still flaunts the index card of the library from which he borrowed it decades ago. (He maintains that he intends to return it.) I inherited his tendency to ignore due dates; when he and I ended up on the most-wanted list at just about every video-rental store in town in the mid-90s, that index card made perfect sense.


One day, my kids will rifle through the stacks of records and CDs that I can’t bear to part with, and they’ll find as much of my back story as they care to uncover.

If my children develop a taste for swing, they might wonder why my copy of “Basie Straight Ahead” is signed by Count Basie’s favorite drummer, Harold Jones. I’ll tell them about the time I took a job as a counselor at a music camp in Wisconsin so I could spend a week with this Mr. Jones; it was there that I fell in love with another camp counselor whom they know as “Mom.”

And if Thomas ever asks to borrow my copy of “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” it will give me a chance to tell him that it’s as much his as mine: We found it together in the bargain bin of a local record store when he was just a few months old. Record shopping was one of the first activities the two of us shared.

Its Time for Vinyl Again!

With record sales surging over the last few years new releases are also now in the mix of Vinyl record sales. Previously it was only re releases. This is really nice to see! The new generation discovering the beauty of Vinyl. My 12 year old daughter has just asked me for a record player. Imagine that!

Have a look at this article below.


The New Antique Vinyl Record Ebook





Thanks to:



While CD sales continue to dip year after year, vinyl continues to be the music industry’s surprise success story. 2015 marked the tenth consecutive year that vinyl sales have grown considerably, and the medium doesn’t look like it’s forward surge will slow down anytime soon. Who says physical music is dead?

In 2015, sales of vinyl records in the United States grew by an astounding 30 percent. That figure brought the total number of records sold to just under 12 million (11.92 million to be exact), up from 9.19 million in 2014. While wax may be increasing in market share, it is still only responsible for 5 percent of all albums moved in the country.

Amazingly, while independent record stores are going the way of the dinosaur—it is sadly only a matter of time for almost all of the remaining holdouts—those locations are where the vast majority of actual records are being sold. Independent record stores accounted for an incredible 45% of all vinyl sold in the US last year. Larger retailers have gotten into the vinyl game as well, but those that love their records still go out of their way to head to indie stores most frequently.

Unsurprisingly, Adele’s 25 was the best-selling vinyl of the year, with 116,000 copies sold in 2015. That’s an enormous total for the medium, and it actually makes the title the best-selling in a single year since Nielsen started properly tracking sales back in 1991. Right behind her is Taylor Swift and her breakout pop album 1989, which continued to perform well throughout 2015, despite its having been released the year prior. After those two come several legacy acts and a handful of indie favorites.

According to Nielsen’s 2015 U.S. Year-End Report, these were the ten best-selling vinyl albums in 2015:

Thick Vs Thin

Today I went to Dixie flea market where I bought two records. One of them was The Ink Spots  made in 1965 and the other one was Frank Soda and the Imps made in 1980. (Yeah I know I have a wide variety on music tastes). Other than the wide difference in music between the three decades, I noticed the Ink spots records was  solid thick Vinyl with a solid thick cover. The general quality of the record including the sound was amazing. I felt I got my moneys worth. The Frank Soda record was different. The vinyl was super thin. I could almost bend a full 90 degrees, it was that thin. It sounded good although I didn’t feel it had the same feel of Vinyl. I know the manufacturing methods of Vinyl changed throughout the years as everything else has. I just wish the same quality of record had remained the same way it was originally produced. I get many requests for older thick vinyl record and I understand why. So you all agree with this?




The New Antique Vinyl Record Ebook



Vinyl Records Listening Booths

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to open a Vinyl Record Rental business. Think of it as a Video rental store. The customer leaves a credit card then is able to rent a minimum of 3 to 4 records at 4 bucks a Vinyl for two days. I really think this would work. You would need a healthy supply of Vinyl. It would truly be a gem of an idea if you could make this work via mail orders…who knows??


I ran into this really neat Vinyl Record listening booth from the old HMV shops. Take a look!!

The New Antique Vinyl Record Ebook


Taking its name from the title of a Francis Barraud painting of a dog listening to a gramophone, His Master’s Voice (HMV) was the unofficial name for the Gramophone Company’s record label.The company opened its first HMV record store in London in 1921, and expanded in the UK and Canada throughout the 20th century.

At HMV, customers could buy records and record players, but also listen to the latest songs.

In the 1950s, HMV introduced special sound-isolating booths where customers could sample new sounds without having to wear headphones. (They also had enough room to squeeze in a close friend or two.)

A customer listens to the latest record releases at a listening booth in the HMV shop at 363 Oxford Street, London, 24th November 1955. The records are played on a gramophone attached to each booth and a sign specifies the post as being for 33 and 45 RPM records only. (Photo by John Drysdale/Keystone Features/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)



The New Antique Vinyl Record Ebook






Customers in listening booths at an HMV record shop, London, 20th June 1958. (Photo by Bert Hardy Advertising Archive/Getty Images)



HD Vinyl A Good Thing Coming

HD TV  HD Radio    HD DVD    Now  HD Vinyl?


Read this article about the birth of HD Vinyl … I think it’s a great idea. What do you think?



Vinyl already sounds pretty damn good, but according to Digital Music News, a patent has been filed for vinyl records that “has 30% more capacity, 30% greater volume, and double the details from Rebeat Digital, of a typical LP sold today.”

According to details from Rebeat Digital, an Austrian company, the concept could potentially be on the market within three years. The concept would also make vinyl production much quicker; the process involves 3D-based topographical mapping combined with laser inscription technology. This could possibly solve the current imbalance between supply and demand in the vinyl market. Artists can wait as long as six months for their vinyl to be pressed in the states.

Luckily this isn’t like one of those Apple scams where updating your iPhone also means buying new chargers, HD vinyl will play on a standard turntable. But of course, “HD-compatible turntables” are in the works.

At the end of the day, this is still just a patent, so vinyl conservatives out there don’t get too heated, but it does hint at the possibility that vinyl resurgence is here to stay, well into the future.


Record Grading….the only standard left

The Goldmine grading system have multiple levels of grading from Mint to Poor. I’m seeing more requests for only two levels… Mint and Near Mint. I have assumed this for two reasons.

The birth of new 180G vinyl means that customers have an alternative and are able to get new clean fresh versions of their favourite artist including a nice clean cover/ insert as well for almost the same price of the 2/3rd edition Vintage version. Why put up with snap crackle pop when you can buy a 180G vinyl that plays perfectly. You may or may not agree with me on this but with Vinyl lovers buying new record players they don’t want their new precious needles wear out on an old record.  I’m finding on my Power Records Amazon site, I’m seeing sales of new spike lately which is why I’ve made this assumption.Let me know what you think.




Ashes to Ashes…. its not what you think!!

Well….. I always wondered how neat it would be to have my ashes saved and then distributed to a beautiful lake or beach.


I would have never thought my ashes could be placed into vinyl records!! Yep thats right see this site below. I think it would be awesome to have my ashes pressed into A Night at the Opera!!! by Queen

Have a look at this link below:

A New Vinyl Record Store ?

Could new record stores pop up again?  Well Yes! With increasing popularity of Vinyl over the last few years, new records stores could survive the digital age even though it was assumed Vinyl Records were buried for good. (See Discog graph below). One of these days you will see a new record store chain come alive. I’m not talking about a used record store which I’m sure you see many in your city. I’m talking about new Vinyl.There are enough artists releasing new and reissue Vinyl records to support a new record chain start up. Wouldn’t it be great to see one. You just never know. Hey you might see Cassettes in that store as well as they also are becoming popular.

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