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English One-time Billing Board Game Design: Create A Professional Board Game In Just Two Weeks (view mobile) This Best-selling Guide To Designing A Board Game Reveals The Easiest And Quickest Way To Make An Exciting, Re-playable And Compelling Board Game , Ready To Sell Online. Even If You Have No Concrete Ideas Of Your Own Yet!

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Proven Design Secrets

Use one or more of our 65+ effective game mechanics and themes in your board game to ensure it is played again and again. These secrets are used by master game designers and are explained here for the first time.

Low Cost Prototypes

Whether you want one game, 20, 500 or more to start we’ll explain the methods of production including how to make one professional copy of your game for less than $30.

Board Game Publishing

It couldn’t be easier to launch your game to a global market with our step by step guide. Also we have the board game publishing houses details and how to approach them for the first time.

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Is it possible to create your own board game like the professionals?  The simple truth is that in 2012 it has never been easier… and we’ll show you exactly how!

Whatever your experience in creating board games, and no matter how far you may have progressed through a project, we’ll show you exactly what to do every step of the way. Watch this video to get started…  =>

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“The Step-By-Step Guide To Creating and Launching Your Own Professional Board Game” – Updated for 2012!

How would you feel if I told you that in two weeks time you could be holding a box containing a professionally manufactured board game conceived, designed and created by you?

Not only this but your board game would:


Use at least one of several proven yet relatively unknown game mechanics to guarantee a highly playable board game.


Have professionally created artwork which perfectly communicates the essence of your game.


Be ready to sell to the global marketplace.


And cost less than $30 from start to finish!

That is what is GUARANTEED to deliver and the new 2012 edition of “The Step-By-Step Guide To Creating and Launching Your Own Professional Board Game” offers everything you need to create a successful board game FROM START TO FINISH.

I hold NOTHING BACK. It’s important to me that you get all the information and advice that you’ll need to be successful.

Here are a few things of what you’ll learn from this program:


Discover the simple game mechanic which turned an unplayable board game into a best-selling smash hit.


The 25 cardinal sins of board game design to avoid. These are the most common mistakes which lead to most games failing at conception.


The hottest themes likely to be pursued over the next three years and how you can take advantage of knowing them.


How to tap into a ready made passionate audience who will buy your board game as soon as it reaches the market.


The trick that 88% of the top 100 best-selling board games use to ensure the game stays fresh play after play.


The fatal advertising flaw (Why most board games never get to the stores) and how you can avoid making it.


How you can make a professional prototype with materials found in 99% of homes or outsource it for less than the cost of a meal.

Superb Art Resources

We’ll also give you details of stunning artwork resources (many of which are downloadable for free). These are used by expert designers in the board game industry and will level the playing field when you create your cards, boards, tiles and instructions! This alone could save you over $700.

Video Tutorials

As well as a written manual we have also featured companion video lessons that will take you step by step through the game board design process. These will take you behind the scenes of part of the game making process which uses inexpensive technology not available a year ago/.

Exclusive Dashboard

You’ll also gain access to the Board Game Creation online dashboard This private area is constantly updated so you’ll have the new tips, tricks and tools at your fingertips to ensure you are up to date with the latest news and technologies.

“Thrilled with the results…”

I purchased Board Game Creation as I had always thought I had a game in me but really didn’t know where to begin. The guide is excellent and I just worked through the design process you described to create my first game and my family and I are thrilled with the results. A bit more play-testing (using your suggestions) and I’ll be ready to move on to the publishing sections!

– S. Ward, UK. May 2011.

“Would recommend to anyone…”

I had a game that I made years ago sitting on the shelf and your guide was the encouragement and information I needed. Within a week I had started to impliment my marketing strategy – things have certainly changed in the last three years! It’s looking good. Your guide was an excellent investment, I would recommend to anyone thinking about getting a board game to market.

-M. Turnbull, July 2011.


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What I Learned From Watching How To Get Away From Murder #htgawm

I recently finished up watching two seasons of the hit show


And this is what I’ve learned…




Everyone is a murderer…



Will know a murderer…



Or will get murdered.


Final assessment of the show:



Watch at your own peril.


Peace and Pistachios,