Post three things that are currently inspiring you

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Inspiration is hard to come by. It’s not that it’s hard to find, but it’s hard to be moved by much these days. At least, it’s tough to find positive inspirations, as opposed to the negative inspirations. It’s a normal emotion to see an image of sad events and feel inspired to help change the world. But it’s even more difficult, at least for me, to look at naturally beautiful images and feel inspired to improve upon them. Does that make sense? Sometimes I get lost in my own mind and lose track of my thoughts.

But what inspires me is food, animals and the sky. You see, I’m trying to perfect my meal plan so that I can get back on track with being healthy. The sky and clouds inspire me because they can be anything. They’re limitless in possibilities and I want that for the opportunities in life. Now for the animals… Animals seem like the only pure ones to exist on this planet. I aspire to have a heart as pure as any of these wonderful animals.