A Rose to help the Children of Guatemala


kate stoltz design inspiration for cashmere modal scarfa rose to help the children scarf inspiration.

I first started working with Developing Faces in 2014 after meeting a member of the organization through a friend. I went along on the first mission in March 2015. Our team completed 28 complicated surgeries on children and babies with cleft palates, bilateral cleft palates, cleft lip, and ear microtia.

kate stoltz kate stoltz with bilateral lip patient

The mission was life changing for me- I now understand why some people get so passionate about the work they do for a charity. The children were absolutely adorable, and the parents’ gratitude was sincere and overwhelming.

A mission: an important goal or purpose that is accompanied by strong conviction; a calling or vocation.

  I decided to design a scarf exclusively to help fund Developing Faces’ mission. The ‘a rose to help the children’ scarf was made with 10% cashmere to make it extra soft, and…

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