What kind of car do you drive?

What kind of car do you drive?

At the moment, I’m not doing much driving. My back troubles have really put a damper on that. Also, I can’t afford car insurance at the moment either. Not to mention I sold my car, Duvey, in 2013. Yes, his name is Duvey. Like short for ضفدع. Ya know, because he looked like a frog.

Duvey was a silver 2009 Honda Fit. He definitely had his own personality. He definitely was a timid teen with acne issues. He wasn’t spotty or anything, but I had Duvey for four years, he really could have used more frequent showering. But oh well. He was wonderful. My bff. It was sad selling him, but I got a good deal and I was moving overseas. It seemed silly to have Duvey waiting for me when I didn’t know when I was coming back.

Before that I drove an old, used teal Ford. Can’t remember the model, but it had the weirdest gas pedal. I named him Fernando. And the first car I drove was a black Mercury Sable. She was temperamental and mean– her name was Millicent. She was horrible. In fact the first week I had my license, the windows fogged up so badly that I couldn’t see at all. I tried everything and I couldn’t get the windows to clear up. As a new driver, it was really bad and really panic inducing.  Of course no one believed me, they all thought I was doing something wrong to cause Millicent to act that way, but I didn’t back down and Millicent showed her true colors. After getting that problem fixed, which cost a pretty penny, Millicent just threw one fit after another.

She’s probably in a better place now though, RIP Milli