Trip to Palestine – Summer 2016 Volunteer Opportunity posted by: Excellence Center for Education in Palestine Posted on: February 29, 2016

Trip to Palestine – Summer 2016

Volunteer Opportunity posted by: Excellence Center for Education in Palestine

Posted on: February 29, 2016

Volunteer Opportunity description

You are invited to join the Excellence Center for a Trip to Palestine 2016, Hebron, Palestine. The Excellence Center, centrally located in Hebron, is an English language school providing the best in English language opportunities for the local population.IMG_7747.jpg

The Trip to Palestine program is a cultural immersion for international persons seeking an experience that allows the participant to become a cultural ambassador for his/her home country, while experiencing and familiarizing him/herself with the daily life of Palestinians, and the region’s rich history. The Excellence Center will provide participants with an entertaining, enriching, and dynamic stay. Please click here to watch a short video “Trip to Palestine 2015”.life-in-Palestine.jpg

Program participants, led by Palestinian guides, will gain an authentic perspective of the West Bank. They will experience firsthand the many traditions, foods, and people of this vibrant land. Those interested in the political situation will have the opportunity to acquire firsthand impressions of the occupation.

The Trip to Palestine will provide internationals with opportunities to:

– Live in Hebron, and visit the Old City, holy sites, and the local refugee camps

– Learn spoken Arabic from native speakers, and opportunity to communicate with local persons.

– Travel to historic locations, and nearby cities including Jericho, Ramallah, and Bethlehem.

– Live with a local Palestinian family if desired.

– Visit Palestinian universities, and local institutions and organizations specializing in culture and education.

– Eat Palestinian foods.

– Attend cultural nights featuring entertainment, activities, and sports.

– Listen to distinguished persons discuss Palestinian heritage and history.IMG_7298.jpg

How to apply

Send an email requesting an application We will send you an application form. Please read the enclosed information and return the completed application to us

For more information, please visit our

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Excellence Center’s Facebook

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Ein Sarah, Hebron, West Bank, 00972, Palestine


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