Restoration of ancient sites and celebrating Christmas in Bethlehem Volunteer Opportunity posted by: CADIP

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The project seeks to bring people of various cultures together to build bridges of understanding, reconciliation, and peace. The long term goal of the project is to prepare youth to make positive contributions to their future and society through the values of understanding, helping, contributing tolerance, and respectful coexistence. These goals are achieved through education, awareness, youth empowerment and international volunteer projects.

Restoration of ancient sites in Bethlehem

The volunteers will work in different areas in Bethlehem city. The work includes renovation of old sites near the Church of the Nativity and assisting the Bethlehem municipality in preparing for the Christmas season. The activities involve painting the streets, distribution of booklets and flyers to tourists, decorating walls, etc.

Restoration of ancient sites in Bethlehem

The volunteer project will be running at Christmas time, and Bethlehem is the best place to celebrate Christmas in.

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Celebrating Christmas in Bethlehem

Volunteering at Christmas

Share the spirit of Christmas and spread some holiday cheer while lending a helping hand on one of our charitable projects around the globe.

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