Music Theory Course And Workshops

Music Theory Course And Workshops


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  1. At last, a pure music theory course that actually teaches the fundamentals and music principles in a quick and easy format. From no knowledge through notes, rhythm, key signatures, scales, chords, and progressions.
  2. All those other courses are for those that are looking for a quick way to learn enough to say they can play. This course sets the standard for truly becoming a great player by mastering the fundamentals of music theory.
  3. This course is for every beginner to intermediate musician. And for some of the more advanced as well.
  4. This course can be used as a supplement for music teachers as well.
  5. This course and workshops complete the music principles and theory education that many musicians started but never completed; so many were never taught to the extent that they should have completed.
  6. There are two options for the full course, first is a fixed term 12 month 24 lesson course billed monthly. The second is a one time purchase. The students get over 800 pages of instruction, know-how, and worksheets to accomplish the goal in less than one year for what usually takes 3 to 5 years!
  7. Each of the subject areas also has it’s own workshop and they are also sold individually. The sales pages are set up to allow the prospective customer to choose one workshop or add on combine or take on the whole course.