Remember Me? #birthdays

What did you do for your last birthday?

My birthday comes at the end of the summer, so typically people get caught up on school starting again or getting in their last minute summer vacations. Before Facebook notifications, I’m pretty sure no one remembered my birthday.

To be honest though, I’m sure people don’t remember my birthday in large part because I don’t care. I tend to not make a big deal out of my birthday. Every time I try to maybe have a party or a get together, things kind of just blow up in my face.

If I decide to celebrate my birthday I like to do it  not on my actual birthday. On my birthday I like to keep it casual.  Last birthday I went out for dinner and had some cheesecake and treated myself to an extra dessert with my favorite ice cream cake from Carvel. They usually only sell the whale cake around Father’s Day so I have to special order it for my birthday.


Fudgie the Whale… So yum!