FBS17: macarons + frenchies


biggie_07So 2016 came and apparently I fell off the face of the blogosphere!  With my resolutions for the new year still TBD, the illustrious “lead a balanced life” goal, that I have yet to set, is already proving to be a challenge.  My work life got hectic and my scale tipped in its favour; no time to blog.  Alas, I’m back and have a lot of catching up to do.

biggie_11Playoffs are in full swing and as a result, the games that occupy our TV(s) have greatly decreased in number making this stretch of the football season one of my faves.  Around this time,  I would usually be full into winter banter and well over the holidays. However, I have one last, kinda, holiday related post to squeeze in; the last of my DIY gifting.

F R E N C H I E  P I L L O W S

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