X-Ray Discovers Swallowed Bobby Pin Ended Up in Child’s Kidney

Specialty Portable X-Ray


For one 4-year-old boy in Saudi Arabia, swallowing a bobby pin led to a perforated intestine, a pierced kidney, and surgery to fix it all. After a medical team operated to remove the pin, the boy recovered without further complications.

“Children actually start exploring the world using their mouth as soon as they are able to pick up objects,” said Dr. Yasmin Abdulaziz Yousef, of the department of surgery at KAMC-JD, National Guard Health Affairs in Jeddah, who treated the boy. However, serious complications due to swallowed objects are really rare, because objects typically “pass through the gastrointestinal tract and end up in the diaper,” she said.

Problems are more common when the object that was swallowed is thin and sharp because these have a higher chance of causing perforations and other serious problems.

When the boy’s parents brought him to the hospital where Yousef works, he had already been having…

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